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Day 2 and holy nausea and...well, TMI bathroom stuff.


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I'm only on day 2 and I am miserable! I just got done with a work out and the thought of eating anything makes me honestly want to vomit. Add that to the...uh...gas issue I'm also having and I feel like I want to die. I'll post my meals: 

Day 1: B: bacon, sautéed summer squash, sweet potato hash, salsa. L: roasted carrots/parsnips, sautéed kale, pulled pork, small sweet potato. D: meatballs, spaghetti squash, roasted beets/carrots. Snacks: apple, small amount of pecans/coconut chips. Everything with either ghee or olive oil (can't eat coconut oil)

Day 2 (today): B: Hash, bacon, sautéed cabbage and spinach. L: leftovers from last night's dinner. D: nothing yet, I'm just repelled by all food at this time.

I'd love some insight and advice; I can handle the hung-over feeling that I had earlier, and soldier through the brain fog, but nausea and terrible flatulence is another story. :(  It doesn't pair well with my job as a medical assistant. Also, I hate my husband right now because he's feeling fine, just fine. >:( 

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Is this a big change from how you were eating before? Is there anything you've started eating that you haven't eaten before, or something that you're eating a lot more of now than you have before? Are you drinking enough water (aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120 lb person needs at least 60 oz)?

The only thing that I can think of is that you're eating either a lot more vegetables than you have in the past, and your body just needs some time to get used to them, or that you're eating some vegetables that you're particularly sensitive to. For instance, many people find cruciferous vegetables cause gas -- you do have kale and cabbage listed that are in that family. I wouldn't think you'd have had enough of them to cause issues though.

I would skip all nuts/nut butters/nut milk until things calm down -- they may not be causing your problem, but they're not going to help it either.

Are you at all lactose intolerant? Occasionally, people who are find they cannot have ghee, even though theoretically all the lactose should be gone from it.

On an unrelated note, your breakfast is light on protein -- bacon is really more fat -- and you have an awful lot of starchy vegetables (sweet potato, carrots/parsnips, beets) -- you might want to branch out some in the types of vegetables you're eating. I'm not sure either of those things would cause what you're going through now, it's just something to keep in mind going forward.

Maybe someone else will come along with better suggestions. I do hope you find some relief.


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Thank you for your reply. I was actually eating a lot of veggies before but also a lot of dairy/sugar/carbs. Dairy has never been an issue for me in the past, so I'm pretty sure it's not the ghee. I'm going to make some breakfast sausage with pork and turkey tonight to have with my morning meals going forward so hopefully that will help. Kale and cabbage have always been part of my diet (we get a CSA box and right now there is a TON of kale in there!) so I'm not sure if those are the culprits.

I laid on the couch for a while last night and after a while I felt better and ate some pulled pork with spinach and cabbage. It was ok and didn't make me feel badly at all. Only thing I can think of was that my workout last night was WAY more intense than I'm used to- I usually do a core and cardio mix but last night we did Tabata and whoa, Nellie! 

I'm feeling the same way about my starchy veg; I'm going to modify a little bit today and see if I feel better. Thanks again for the feedback.

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