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First Whole30


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I started my first Whole30 yesterday. Feeling very excited and motivated. It's something that's been in the back of my mind for years, but I've never felt willing to make he commitment. I've been having a bunch of skin issues and just a feeling of blah and so I decided to take the plunge. Today is day 2.

Day 1:

-Breakfast: Egg fried in ghee, bacon (whole30 compliant), sweet potato hash browns.  Breakfast felt easy because I typically eat a pretty Whole30 friendly breakfast. Oh, I also had coffee with no cream, which I expected to be much harder than it was. 

Lunch: Three no fuss salmon patties, homemade mayo (which is yummy, but I think I over-blended because the texture is a bit too solid), lettuce and vinegar. I was on a field trip with my kid's school for lunch and was offered yummy chips and things I was happy(ish) to say no to. 

Dinner: Three sausage patties, broccoli and asparagus.

Overall I felt satisfied with my meals and didn't feel a need to snack. I did miss having a glass of wine at the end of a long day, but made do with sparkling water. I also realized I mindlessly lick my fingers and/or spoons when I'm cooking for my family and I need to be more aware of this or I'm going to inadvertently undermine my Whole30. For instance, I was scooping out guacamole (bought from the store) for a school thing and then licked the spoon without thinking about it. Luckily, when I read the ingredients it turned out to be fine, but it easily could have been otherwise. So, pay attention, self!

Looking forward to day 2. Spinach Frittata in oven!

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Thanks kell_sing! I hope your second day was good. Mine was pretty good!

Day 2:

Breakfast: I made the spinach frittata from the Whole30 cookbook and ate about half. It was delicious and I was struck by how easy it was to make. One thing I'm liking about this journey is it's pushing me to make things I don't normally make. I also had my two cups of cream-free coffee.

Lunch: Protein salad. Lettuce, tuna and homemade mayo, peppers, pistachio nuts, strawberries, lemon. This salad is already a lunch staple so it didn't feel like I was doing anything differently.

Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs, spaghetti squash and broccoli. Super delicious and filling. 

I find I am most struggling after lunch/before dinner with the desire for easy snacks (like crackers), but it's okay as long as I keep myself busy. I do feel tired and a bit sluggish (as I read is common), but still excited. 

Day three bring it on! 

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Day 3:

Breakfast: Quarter of the frittata from yesterday, 1.5 strips of bacon, heaping portion of spaghetti squash with ghee, handful of raspberries, two cups black coffee.

Lunch: Big salad with two (or three?) chicken thighs diced and mixed with mayo, peppers, strawberries, pistachios, lettuce and lemon.

Mid afternoon: Bone broth

Dinner: Date night! We stayed home to make it easier. Ten oysters, salmon, cauliflower, asparagus. Sparkling water in a wine glass :-)

I was extremely tired today. Extremely. It was like I was walking through quicksand all day. I also had a hard time not snacking between breakfast and lunch. I didn't, but I kept thinking about it. Going for a walk helped. I will try to eat more at breakfast and see if that also helps.


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I was very proud of myself over the weekend. I was out and about for a ton of meals and I packed myself alternatives that were satisfying. I also had ample opportunity to have glasses of wine and had no problem abstaining. Let's see if I can remember what I ate:

Day 4

Breakfast: two eggs, homemade turkey sausage patty (2), sweet potato home fries, spaghetti squash.

Lunch: 3 leftover no fuss salmon patties, leftover sweet potato home fries. There was something else, but I forget. This was eaten on the go as I was working at a school festival surrounded by bbq and baked goods.

Dinner: Salad with chicken and mayo, avocado, pistachios, strawberries and peppers.

Day 5:

Breakfast: Bacon, two eggs, avocado, zucchini and spaghetti squash.

Lunch: Bowl of leftovers brought to a play:  Salmon cakes, avocado, spinach.

Dinner: Hamburger patties, lettuce, mayo, avocado, leftover cauliflower.



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