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So, to explain why I seem to have little time.

Husband deployed.  I have a toddler, and 4 month old.  And I work from home.

Eggs seem to be my go to.  They are quick, and easy to add things too.

The problem is.  I am sooooo over eggs now! 

What are your super quick meal go to's?   This weekend I plan on meal prepping and planning.  But am looking for inspiration in case I forget to pull out the prepped freezer meal.

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I love those salmon cakes! 


Mel's chicken thighs are great, too. You can grill or bake them:


Tom has a twist on them, and you can swap in pretty much any veggies you want:



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Mel Joulwan's Well Fed cookbook is particularly helpful with a Whole30 in saving you time. Do her Weekly Cookup on Sun eve, and you will have enough food for most of the week in just ONE HOUR. (I also own WF2, and pre-ordered her latest, Well Fed Weeknights). Simple, quick recipes with tons of great flavor combos. Easy.

Fave recipes/things to eat:

Velvety Butternut Squash

Moroccan Meatballs/burgers

SOUP! Esp her Silky Zucchini soup

Sauteed pork w/ diced apples, greens and spices

Check out her website which has some of these recipes for free: meljoulwan.com



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I love making hash for breakfast.  I buy beef cross shanks from a local rancher for this but any slow cooker meat will work well (brisket, roasts, etc - something fatty with connective tissue).  I make a 4-5 lb batch (bone in) at a time: beef, 1 onion, 1-2 carrots, 1-2 pieces of celery, splash of apple cider vinegar, few bay leaves).  When the meat is done I stick it in a storage container and use it throughout the week.  And you've got beef broth if you want it!  Our dogs get ours because I'm out of room in the freezer - but what a waste - its so gelatinous and healthy :(  

The hash is simply a fried diced potato with a handful of the beef leftovers.  Fry it up till everything is nice and crispy!  Yum :)


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I've been preparing fritattas for the week and not sick of it yet. I'm adding ground beef, carmelized onions, spinach, or kale, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. Literally you can add any whole30 vegetables to these eggs.  That with diced sweet potatoes - so good. :)

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