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Post re-introduction stage and restart hangover?


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Hello all. Perhaps you may be able to help. Just recently finished my first whole30 (felt awesome lost weight etc etc super stoked) and did the reintroduction stage but very mildly. Tried the few set things but in between mainly stayed on plan.

BESIDES: I ate quite a few extra sweets (gummies - achilles heel!) and drank a bunch of gluten free beer last weekend (bulls party)


Anyways, after experiencing hangover on Sunday I was horrified how bad I felt and realized how good I had been feeling. So immediate motivation to get back on whole30 plan. And so I did. Felt normal for beginning of week but come Wednesday I have felt awful! Aches, pains, headaches, feels like all over body flu! Just shocking and weak. 


My question is: I remember in the first whole30 there was a "hangover period" in first 3 days where you feel not so great and achey etc. The thing is I did't feel this bad on even the first one, where surely it would have been worse coming off years of eating badly. Now after finishing whole30, eating relatively good, and starting again I feel shocking, like way worse then first time. Could it be the sugar and beer etc leaving me again which makes me feel this bad? Or am I just getting sick? I was wondering if anyone else has been through this. I would've thought the first one would have been the worst but this time it's much much worse.


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6 hours ago, MarkStephen222 said:

I did't feel this bad on even the first one

Because your body had pretty much adapted to your diet previously and what you suffered was withdrawal.

Now, your body has had 30 days of no alcohol, no refined sugar/carbs, no gluten etc and has adapted to that so a heavy dose of alcohol & sugar is not going to go down well as it's a shock to the system - so this is a reaction along with the withdrawal.

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