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I miss cheese.


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I just wrapped up day two. It hasn't been to difficult yet, I know the sugar cravings are coming.  I am really missing cheese and other dairy though.

It's also hard to explain to people what I'm doing.  Many think I'm on a adkins diet or something akin to a "juice clense." I try to explain, but they just don't seem to get it - their loss I guess!

Day three awaits!

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Hey @celestialkiddy & welcome to the forums B)

Dairy is always a tough one, and particularly cheese because of the way it stimulates the brain which makes it highly addictive. Dairy is also a fatty food so you need to increase the fat content of your meals to over come this, which will also help with the sugar cravings.

And turn your focus to all of the things you CAN have... ;)

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