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eating 3 meals a day

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Is anyone else struggling to eat 3 or 4 meals a day?  I'm used to being a total grazer and just snacking all day so this is a huge adjustment...  I'm still starving in between meals and can't make it from one to the next without a snack.  I'm also used to eating breakfast on the go (a smoothie or bar) so it''s been super challenging to have to sit down and prepare/eat a meal in the morning....

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It's wasn't easy for me in the beginning but now I can do it no problem. 

We can help you troubleshoot if you're not sure why you can't go longer between meals. Most of the time I've seen it is because of lack of fat (cooking fat doesn't usually count) or not eating enough in general. Review the template and try to eat three template meals daily

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I am having a hard time fitting in 3 meals a day. I have a very busy and unpredictable work schedule. I have not been able to eat 3 meals these past three days? Because of this, do I need to start over? Everything I have eaten has been compliant, but if I need to start over to get the best results I will :) If anything, I definitely need help finding ways to fit more food into a crazy schedule...any suggestions? 

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You'll definitely get better results eating the three meals a day - the first within an hour of wakening - but it's a recommendation rather than a rule, so if all of the food you've been eating is compliant then you're good to go... :)

What does your schedule look like & perhaps we can help you make some tweaks...

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I still can't manage 3 meals a day (I'm on day 13)

I can easily go 4 hours between most meals unless I under eat or over eat fruit/starch (which seems to trigger my appetite for some reason)

Under eating meat is the main thing that will make me hungry too soon.  I apparently need my protein.


But people on here say they can do 6 to 8 hours between meals and i just can't imagine that for me (but maybe someday?) My meals easily last four hours with good protine and a lot of fat sometimes five... but six?  Seven? Eight?  

That is when I end up trying to either white knuckle it and end up nibbling fruit and nuts (because my will power is not that great), or just eat a well planned snack.


I eat breakfast at 8

Lunch at noon

Get home a 5 (snack)

Dinner at 7

Bed ay 11



Dinner at 5:30/6

Snack before bed.


People have said they can make that noon to seven streatch without discomfort and I just don't see it.


They say when you get fat adapted it will seem easy.

I guess we'll see?

But yeah, this is probly the hardest part for me too

(That and my beloved sugar and cheese)

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If you have a schedule that means you eat lunch at noon and dinner at 7, you don't have to go the full 7 hours between, nor are you expected to.  Can some people?  Sure... does that mean that everyone has to?  Nope.  Definitely a mini meal (lets not call it a snack... nibbling fruit and nuts is not helping anything) is appropriate here.  Protein, fat and ideally veg... a few chunks of chicken, some celery sticks and mayo? perfect... a couple leftover meatballs and a bit of avocado? yes... No to white knuckling and no to nibbling fruit and nuts :)

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I would say my biggest problem is food prep right now. I didn't grow up in a household that cooked-we ate out almost every meal. So the food prep is very overwhelming. My schedule is as follows: 

Monday- Get to work by 6:55 am. Lunch is whenever I can take it because it's not a set time, I work at a school as a therapist. Normally on Mondays, I can get home by 5:30 pm. 

Tuesday- Same as Monday.

Wednesday- Get to work by 6:55 am. Again, try to work in lunch- it depends on my clients. Then I have a staff meeting from 3pm to 5pm. Then I teach a class from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday- Same as Monday and Tuesday, but I have a standing commitment from 7pm to 8pm.

Friday- Not an issue.

Saturday- Not an issue.

Sunday- Food prep day. 


Thank you so much for your time and help!

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@Sha Smith - where does breakfast fall in this schedule? Are you eating it within an hour of wakening?

If you can't find a window big enough for lunch would it be feasible to grab 5/10 mins somewhere along the line for a well composed mini meal? Say some meatballs with mayo, or chicken wings & guac or some other kind of finger food... Maybe even a flask of blended soup with a chicken drumstick or similar on the side that you can eat on the hop?

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