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Whole30 Day 33: Reintro


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Hi there. Thank you for all your posts. They certainly helped while I completed my Whole30, it's reassuring to know that what we experience during the process is not solely individual to ourselves and is a shared experience.

I do have a question. I reintroduced dairy on day 31. No strong reaction either way, to be perfectly honest. My expectation was that my sinuses would flare up but they didn't. My primary goal with the Whole 30 was wanting to gain more information about inflammation. My theory was that dairy or gluten were the culprits. Granted I didn't have a ton of dairy, a little feta in my egg whites in the morning and then some sour cream with my dinner. 

I did have a gnarly reaction to the sugar-- immediate cloudiness, trouble concentrating, and lethargy. To be perfectly honest, I didn't sleep well the night before because I was nervous about reintroducing and losing the amazing feeling I had over my last few days of my Whole 30. An anxiety that hasn't subsided, btw.

Wow, this post is getting longer and longer without getting to my question.

I have been compliant since "Dairy Day!" (is that a thing? if not, it should be)

But for the first time (possibly ever?) I am completely uninterested in food. After eating I feel a little nauseated, and uninterested in eating again. This morning I had avocado, egg whites, turkey sausage (from a recipe on Instagram) and a couple dashes of compliant hot sauce, and I just don't feel good. I have noticed over the last week or so, that post-consumption, food just doesn't have any kind of fulfilling quality, in fact just the opposite.

Is this a shared experience? Your thoughts would be appreciated-- especially because I bought gluten-free pumpkin waffle mix for my non-gluten grain reintroduction tomorrow and I want to be excited about it, but just can't get there.


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Links below will answer your questions.


Severe Digestive Issues After Whole30 - Whole30 Reintroduction ...

Jun 9, 2015 - After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small ... Your gut will start to build a thick mucosal lining to protect itself from the ... If it's the latter, it can take a few weeks of Whole30'ing to heal your gut.


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