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#Day1Fail (funny, but a lesson learned)


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Weeks ago, I learned about Whole30 from the awesome website Be More With Less.  I checked out the Whole 30 bible, read it cover to cover and made a commitment to start on October 20th.  I prepped my kitchen, I pre-made emergency meals, I've been practicing reading my labels, I made my countdown calendar, I even recruited my husband (a die-hard sugar junky).

I.  Was.  Ready. 

Yesterday, I started with a lovely scrambled egg and spinach omelet.  Lunch consisted of a cucumber-chicken salad with avocado, olives and a red-wine vinegar/olive oil dressing with italian spices.  My day was going great...no cravings, no hunger, I even managed to get in a small walk.  I was CRUISING!!!

Needing to run an errand, I decided to pop into a favorite green-awning coffee shop for an iced tea to help cool me down on such a hot day.  I ordered my usual iced tea, no sweetener, light ice.  I heard my name called, grabbed my drink and walked out.   Three steps out the door and nearly 3/4 of the way through a successful day one, I take a sip of my beverage.....

...my SWEETENED beverage!!!!!!! :blink:

AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!  Thwarted by the sugar gods! 

Dejected, I walked back inside and re-ordered my tea.  Everyone was very apologetic, and I was very cool about the whole thing  (mistakes happen).  I then finished my day Whole30 compliant (I wasn't going to blow off the whole rest of the day just because of one sip of tea).  

But I also made sure I started over, Day 1 today. ;).  So far, so good - and nothing outside of food/beverage I prepared myself!!!

But I learned a valuable lesson (and luckily only on Day 1)....something as simple as an iced tea can mess up your best laid plans in the 11th hour.  So be careful out there!  <_<

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