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"Natural" Fruit

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My husband and I usually have a piece of fruit as an evening treat. He's an apple-eater, so this time of year is great for him. I love fresh peaches, but their season is done, so I'm looking for other options.

In a weak moment, I grabbed a pre-packaged fruit cup of red grapefruit slices; "all natural, no sugar added" from the refrigerator section. I didn't have my reading glasses with me, so I went on blind (heh) faith that it would be compliant. Bought it and took it home.

My first clue should have been the expiration date: July of 2017. Hmmm... 9 months from now? It was suspiciously sweet. I thought maybe it was packed in grape juice like some processed fruits. Nope. Here's the ingredient list: Red Grapefruit, Water, Sorbitol, Preservatives (Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Sucralose, Citric Acid, Acesulfame Potassium.

Yep, real natural.


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I am completely familiar with the one you picked up.  My folks enjoy it soooo much.  

Oh, brother.  It's loaded to the gills with artificial sweetners. The body can't tell the difference between real sugar and those upside down sugars.  I don't know if you're doing a Whole 30 or not but real fruit options are better than packaged/manufactured anything. Fruit cocktails with those weird grapes and mushy pears, peaches. :P

I personally don't eat fruit standing alone but incorporate them into my main meals. I use it like a condiment.  Thrown into my roasted vege, salads, proteins, balsamic reductions... even egg breakfast omelettes.  That way, I get the benefit of the digestive enzymes and fiber without the hit to the blood sugar.  It works for me and not against me ...when I use it like that.

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