Day 21 - Tummy troubles. Did I mess up?

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Hello all! 

Today is the start of Day 21 for me. So close! Here's my concern: Friday morning I woke up sniffly and feeling a little lethargic. I chalked it up as possibly being the start of cold/flu season. I've have been 100% Whole 30 complaint. Saturday morning I went to a "farm to table" restaurant for breakfast and was advised that they use canola oil but no added sugar in the menu items I was considering. Since I know this isn't strictly prohibited (in moderation), I ordered a side salad, sans dressing, two poached eggs, two chicken apple patties and fruit.  Lunch that day was leftover chicken primavera from the book. Dinner was a special occasion and,  again, I went out to another farm to table restaurant and had 1/2 roasted organic chicken, large salad with olive oil and broccolini. I've been feeling nauseous and very much bloated/constipated, and still sneezing/sniffly.  At this point, should I restart my Whole 30? I'm not sure where I went wrong. Maybe I went overboard by going out twice in one day and it was too much exposure to canola oil?  Any suggestions/advice welcome! :)

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Hey there :)

I think if it were me I'd call the restaurants and ask the questions again just to be sure they didn't use any off plan ingredients. Canola oil is fine for the purposes of eating out, but it could be that there was something else that's making you feel a little off - but asking is the only way you're going to know...

If it really was just the Canola oil then you're good to continue, and you may well just be coming down with something - we don't complete our Whole30 in a bubble, and sometimes life happens. Just maybe hold off on reintros until you're feeling fully better.

If they did use some ingredient that was off limits then have a read at >this article< and let us know what you decide.....

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