Really bad day - need advice/encouragement

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Im having one of those days where no matter what I do everything falls apart.  Washing dishes, drop one and it breaks, making ghee, it gets all over the stove, went to cop the carrots to roast with my chicken, they've gone bad. 

Normally, I'd call it a day, take a bath with a couple chocolates, but I still have to prep or make breakfast and lunch for at least tomorrow and chocolate is out of the question. 

I need words of encouragement and advice on dealing with stress when you used to use food to help. 

Tahnks in advance

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Some days for me are a comedy of errors. There was a spell where I was totally out of it. I went to Whole Foods, got a chicken and then came home and dug in because the idea of another botched meal wasn't appealing. (I could roast veggies no problem.... it was always the protein that i would botch)

Instead of coping with food, do you have something easy you can make and a place to go to get it out of your system. Do something like get a mani pedi, journal, go for a walk, sit and drink a hot tea and stare in a fire? 

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