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Brain Fog....Can't focus or concentrate


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I've been battling brain fog since before I started the Whole 30. Prior to Whole 30 my diet was heavy on grains such as rice. I'm on Day 11 and the brain fog is still there. I struggle to concentrate and focus and I'm tired all the time.

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis as well, so brain fog has been an issue on and off my whole life. The entire reason for starting the Whole 30 was to lose weight and be able to think more clearly.

I have varied the things I've eaten over the past 11 days but nothing seems to make any difference. Will this phase of exhaustion and brainfog end?

Please help.

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Hey @sadiyya - can you give us a run down of what you have eaten over the past 3-4 days? Please provide specifics on portion sizes in relation to your palm, veg types, fats etc., as well as liquids & activity levels.

I'm guessing the brain fog is most likely from lack of fat (you need fat for brain health), lack of water, lack of salt or all of the afore-mentioned.

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