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Gluten free tamari sauce


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Hi All! So I'm on day 8 of my first whole 30 – its really going great so far! I have a general question about soy sauce/tamari... 

This weekend, I was at my dads house. He was super supportive and made a big lunch for everyone that had roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, honey crisp apples and onions. It was delicious! At the end, I asked him what was in it and he mentioned a tablespoon of soy sauce :( Then, he gave me almost two pounds of grass fed organic beef jerky that he made for me – again, so sweet! But, he did put a tablespoon of soy sauce in the jerky when he was drying it. So, all of this spawned me reading more about soy sauce.... For some reason, I thought gluten free tamari sause was okay – mainly because it was gluten free.... But I've now read that it's not okay either. So, in our first week, I made a vegetable stir fry twice with gluten free tamari not knowing that it wasn't allowed. 

So, my question for everyone is what do you think about this amount of gluten free tamari sauce / soy sauce? What about all of this homemade jerky? Does this completely cancel out my program? I'm already on day 8, and it would be so hard to loose those 8 days... I think I'm going to keep going from here and know that it was a genuine mistake and a very small amount, that I will try to avoid from here on out. 

Thanks everyone! 

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I'm so sorry but soy in even tiny amounts can be an incredible gut disruptor and your body doesn't know the different between "genuine mistake" and blatant rule breaking. I would highly, highly recommend that you consider today your Day 8 and that you are doing a Whole38 rather than a Whole30. 

You can read the article below about starting over because it's always your choice. Just know that unfortunately you reset your reset every time you ate the soy/tamari.

In order to avoid this issue, I would highly recommend that you begin the practice of reading the ingredient list on any item you are planning to use. The tamari would have said "soy" right in the list as it is made of fermented soybeans.

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