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Hullabalou's Whole30 Log


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Day 1 (Sunday)

            Breakfast: Sauteed spinach, fried eggs, seasoned with garlic powder and salt/pepper. Added salsa and guacamole for husband, black coffee.

            Lunch: Romaine salad with chopped red bell pepper and Tessemae’s lemon dressing (added extra lemon juice as well)

            Dinner: Whole roasted chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts, carrots, and red potatoes

            Snack: Banana (after dinner, before bedtime)

Notes: Today was easier than expected. It helped that the black coffee at our church is really good quality and doesn’t need added flavor. I also did a lot of meal prep for the week (baked a few pounds of chicken to freeze and use on salads, made homemade mayo and used some in chicken salad, made cauliflower rice). It is a big contrast from my usual eating habits of lots of bread and sweets and at least one soda a day. I feel great though and even convinced the husband to come with me and the toddler on our evening walk.

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Day 2 (Monday)

            Breakfast: Spinach and egg muffins (2)

            Snack: banana

            Lunch: Leftover roasted chicken and vegetables, unsweetened apple sauce

            Dinner: Caulirice pork stir fry   Husband loved this, I hated it. I think I don't like the coconut aminos. I ended up having a bowl of romaine, spinach, chicken salad with homemade mayo, and hard boiled egg.

Notes: The toddler is  sick so we didn’t get much sleep last night, and I have a raging headache today.  I also started my cycle, so I feel awful from that. I feel hungry even after my breakfast so I’m eating a banana as a snack/addition to breakfast now. We don’t have any coffee at home so I think lack of caffeine could be contributing to my headache.

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