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J in Tx -- Whole 30 Diary


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Hey everyone! I've been lurking on the forum for a few weeks. I'm coming out of "lurk-dom" and am starting my Whole30 tomorrow, Oct 15th.

I will check in here daily and post my food log as well as my thoughts for the day.

First, a little background about me. Perhaps no one even cares, if that's the case, feel free to stop reading because sometimes I ramble ;)

I am a 33 yr old married momma to 2 beautiful boys--ds #1 is 11 and I like to call him my Cave Boy because he loves paleo food and is interested in health and nutrition. He has Aspergers Syndrome and has followed a gluten and caisen free diet since he was 5. Ds #2 is 7 and he's my, well, uncave boy. He's a carbaholic just like his Momma. We are not (were not) a gluten free house and ds #2 certainly loves his junk aka crap "food".

I honestly do not even remember how I came across the paleo diet. It was several months back--sometime in the summer. I began researching online and tried a few recipes. I do know that this research was about how to make my household healthier. My husband recently took an interest in dropping a few pounds so I thought it was a good time to get the crap

out and the good stuff in. I realized that in order to get ds #2 on board I'd have to drag him in the kitchen. I bought the paleo parents cookbook and ds 2 and myself quickly discovered that paleo food tastes good. I would also discuss with ds how good food affects our brain and bodies. I think he gets it.

So, although we cook a lot of paleo food we still eat non paleo SAD crap--pizza, fast food, etc with the exception of ds #1--he remains gfcf 100%. The crap has got to stop. I am guilty of it outside the times i am with my family as well.

So I've rambled about my family-lets talk about the star of the show--ME! :) I have always been a "big" girl. I am not tiny, never was tiny, never will be. Im ok with that. Besides, my dh likes a woman witb some meat on her bones. Hehe. I am 5'3" and am currently 170. Last sept 2011 I was 230 pounds. In sept I had gastric lap band surgery--gasp! I cant believe i just said that. The only online forum i have shared that on has been geared specifically towards weight loss surgery. I do not regret my decision. I am 60 pounds lighter and am doing things I havent done in years. The problem--I'm not at a optimal health. Why? Because i can choose to eat crap and then feel like crap as a result. The typical lap band diet consists of protein as that keeps you full. For those that do not know--lapband is a band around your stomach to make you get full on a smaller portion of food. I had tried diet after diet with no longterm success--south beach, ww, atkins, etc. All of it. I have never been able to keep it off like i can now. However, i can still eat crap and the scale goes down. I can chose to eat crap..just smaller portions of crap.

So this isnt about the scale for me. Ok, not entirely about the scale. Its about me physically feeling good. Its about transforming the lifestyle my family lives. I want optimal health, and while weight is a part of that, it's not all of it. I've had a lot of positives from my weightloss this past year...my period came back (oh yeah, started today so that should make week 1 of my W30 just lovely), hip pain went away, self esteem improved, blood work improved. But things can still be better. I suspect I have ibs...i think I've had it my entire adult life but never knew it wasnt normal, i love sweets in a dysfunctional kind of way, and I dont have the energy I want.

I'm excited and feel ready. I have a plan for this week. Fridge is stocked and Im ready. If anyone has any suggestions/comments on my food log please feel free to chime in. I need all the help and support i can get!


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I look forward to hearing about how your DS #1 reacts to this and if there are additional benefits to eating this way. My youngest, now 15, also has AS. He lives with his dad so i have little control over his diet, but would love to know if you notice any changes.

And as to your "gasp"; I had gastric bypass surgery 8 years ago...full blown rewiring of my plumbing. I totally get it. I lost 120 pounds and don't regret a second of it, other than the potential impact it is having on me now.

I would recommend reading "It Starts with Food"; I think it helps to know why you reach for the crap. You are biochemically hardwired to do so, even if you are eating less of it. I think you are going to love the way you feel!

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Congratulations of starting the Whole 30. I am like you in that I had been on about every diet imaginable. I always lost weight but didn't learn anything in the process. I was over consumed with food, weighing it, measuring it and being overly concerned about the scale, both the food scale and my scale.

Then I found the Whole 30 web site and knew immediately I had found something extremely interesting and totally different than what I was used to. This program has taught me so much about myself and abut food that I will be forever grateful. I now know that I need to eat thee meals every day. I need to eat the proper protein and vegetables. I have found so many recipes from people on this forum that my freezer is full. If I didn't cook anything else for two weeks I would still be compliant and my freezer would still have lots of compliant food left in it

The lap band surgery is great . And you need to eat protein to keep you full. That you will get on this program. (I refuse to call it a diet. A diet is something you go on for a short period of time until you reach whatever goal you had set.) This program is a way of life. I have been doing this for 30 days and I feel so much better, my skin is much more clear and my moods had evened out. I am getting compliments that I look really healthy and that is the way I feel.

I agree with kb0426. Be sure to read the "It starts With Food" book. It explains so much about why we eat the way we do and how our body reacts to food. It really opened my eyes.

You are going to do great as you have the right attitude. You are ready to give up all those negative foods from your past.

I am anxious to watch your progress.

Good luck.

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Day 1

Woke up excited :)) eager to start my day!

I got 7 hours of sleep last night which is good for me. Ideally I'd like 8 but baby steps.

I made a frittata for breakfast for me and the boys. There are 2 servings left for the rest of the week.

Dinner is in the crockpot. I have an appointment and errand to run after work and DH will be taking ds #2 to baseball. Planning is key here. It's comforting to know that despite my busy evening a clean dinner is waiting for me.

Hope today is an awesome day for everyone!


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Good morning, and welcome! I love your enthusiasm. It will take a lot of willpower to slay your Sugar Dragon, but I know you can do it. Diets, surgery, etc. are attempts to fix the symptom (obesity), not an attempt to cure the problem (unhealthy eating). That's why it is still possible to eat junk. This program addresses the basic problem: that we eat to fulfill all kinds of needs, except the need to nourish ourselves with real food for optimum health.

I'm finding this is as much a journey of personal growth as it is learning healthier habits. It doesn't just start and end in the kitchen.

Good luck! I can't wait to read more of your journey!

Maryann, Day 15

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Day 1. I made it. I did it. Yippie for me.

The day was a breeze until....costco. Darn those free samples. It didnt help that I went there at mt dinner time, I was hungry already. I picked up a snack for my son's baseball game, flowers, olives, and juice boxes. Then I find myself roaming. Thats what gets me in trouble. The pointless walking down each isle. They have oreos. MY oreos. Best. Cookie. Ever. Then, like a magnet I was pulled to the book section. I was just here 2 weeks ago and looked at the books. And there she was. Diane Sanfilippo. Lookin all beautiful on the cover. Practical Paleo in stock at my costco. Score. Not only did I buy her book, but I took back the cheesy crackers for my sons baseball snack and got some apples. Like I can buy gluteny icky crackers and practical paleo in the same purchase. C'mom people! ;)

Here's my food---

Meal 1-fritatta and half an avacado. Overcooked the fritatta and forced it down. Thank goodness for the avacado bc I couldnt have swallowed the bite w/out it. Yes, it was THAT bad. :(

Meal 2-leftovers from last night which was Rat Sticks with coconut sauce from paleo parents book. Also had baked curry cauliflower from sarah fragoso's book.

Snack-hb egg, sauerkraut. Had another hb egg in the car as I was leaving costco. I sat there eating that beautiful sunshiney yolk staring at Diane. Thank you D. Thank you.

Meal 3-chicken lettuce wraps. Basically chick thighs, tomato, avacado and salsa wrapped in lettuce. I love the crock pot. Dinner was ready. Awesome. I had seconds...took the other half o avacado and some chicken. Mashed it all in a bowl and ate it. It was good. In a weird kind of way. So good I want it for lunch tomorrow. After

dinner i shared some dried pears with my son. I realized this was going to be a problem. I told him I was going to shower and when I returned those pears needed to be in his belly or in hiding. He didnt eat them all and is not very good at hide and go seek ;)

Headach started about an hour before dinner. Its not too bad though. I can deal. Needed more water today. I went to brush my teeth to tell myself that the food is over. I am not hungry. My head has the munchies but my tummy is content. I want to be in bed in 1 hour. I should be able to. We shall see.


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Whew! Good save! My grocery story treats have become office supplies (I may have an office supplies problem) and flowers. It sounds like you know roaming, and the free samples, have the potential to be a problem for you. Plan ahead and don't let them get you!

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BAM! Day 2 done. Today was a weird day. The timing of meals was all off. I was successful at eating at early breakfast. I woke at 5 am and ate at 6 am. Because of that it threw everything off. I guess it'll just take time.

Meal 1-fried egg and shredded sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil, turkey sausage

Snack-hard boiled egg, blacl olives.

Meal 2-more left over rat sticks from paleo parents and baked curry cauliflower.

Snack-cashews and kombucha

Meal 3-shredded chicken thigh mixed with salsa and avacado

Today was a decent day. No headache all day. My boss gave everyone individual bags of candy. I gave mine to my coworker ;)

I didnt get the amount of sleep I wanted last night and I needed more water. I thought today would have been harder mentally but it was ok. The cravings are there...I am making a choice not to eat them.

Oh and kombucha...thats some strange stuff. My tummy hurt after I ate it but it might have the cashews. I will have to pay attention.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Day 3

Another funky day with the timing of my food. I am pretty sure its because i am eating breakfast so early. I need to get that sorted out, but im hanging in there.

Meal 1-hash with fried egg on top. The hash had sweet potato, zuccinni, mushroom and diced turkey sausage. SUPER yummy.


Meal 2/snack-i didnt have time for lunch. I should have at my lunch when i had my first snack. I ended up having more almonds, black olives and hard boiled egg and kombucha.

Meal 3-shredded chicken thighs smashed with avacado...stirred in some lettuce, tomato and cucumber. I wasnt really feeling this...only ate about half of it and then grabbed some cashews, dates and dried apricots.

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Im eating breakast at 6 am. I wake up at 5 am. I used to eat at around 8 am so everything is being shifted. The first time i ate at 6 i got hungry around 10:45 but had a snack. Well then i wasnt hungry for lunch. Then the second time i got hungry around 11. So today i decided that when i get hungry after breakfast and if its after 10:45 i am having lunch. Dinner will be around 6 so i can have a midafternoon snack if i need it. It just feels weird eating lunch so early.


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And oh my goodness, i am soooo tired this morning. I woke up 15 min later than i wanted bc i couldnt get up. Then i just laid there, seriously thinking about calling in sick to work bc i am just so tired. I was up twice last night with leg cramps and once to use the bathroom. Each morning i tell myself tonight i will go to bed one hr earlier...that never happens. I am dragginf this morning. DH told me just go get a starbucks. Yeah riiiight. I dont drink coffee and i shouldnt NEED caffine to wake up :/

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Day 4

Temptation was strong today. Wow. It was a tough day craving wise. I badly wanted a soda. Then candy. Cookies. Whatever. I remained strong. I think maybe the cravings were bad bc of the dried fruit i had yesterday ??? I need to figure that out. Timing of the meals was much better today. I didnt eat lunch earlier it was actually later til i got hungry for lunch. I think i cant tolerate almonds. My stomach has consistently hurt after i eat them :( yet i continue to do so.


Meal 1-fried egg on top of hash which included diced mushrooms, zuccinni and turkey sausage

Meal 2-leftover shredded chicken thighs (soooo tired of this), green beans, baked curry cauliflower leftover (soooo tired of this too)

Meal 3-curried meatballs (i think this came from sarah fragoso's blog but i cant remember, steamed brocolli and carrots (then i dumped coconut oil on them) and 2 dates and 1 dried apricot. Ugh. Dried fruit is evil.

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Hang in there... you are right in the rough part! You can do this and it is Awesome on the other side!

The dried fruit very well could have cued some sugar cravings... you might want to avoid dried fruit for a little while. Dates too... for a little while try and stay away from even fruit if you connect it to sugar cravings.

You sound aware of the effects almonds are having on you! Ouch!

Glad to hear that you are getting the meal timing worked out. For many of us (I'm one of these) I ate whenever I wanted during my Whole30 and concentrated on it being compliant foods. It is good for the snacks to be little meals--protein, fat, and veggies. Concentrating on not snacking came much later for me... if it is working for you, then by all means, don't snack! But that might be a place where you could have some leeway if you need it (I may get blasted by a mod for that).

Keep on! Everyday is another day in the bank. You are doing awesome!

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Thanks for the tips Emily! I know I can do this! I was just surprised at how hard yesterday was. I am not really worried about snacks....the timing of lunch is an issue because of meetings at work. So on one day i should have ate lunch but instead I snacked and thrn i got hungry but couldnt go heat up my food bc of my work schedule so i had more snacky foods between meetings. It'll all get worked out. Yesterday I also left hard boiled eggs in a cooler at my

Desk so if i couldnt make ittothe fridge at work (which is on the other side of my desk) i could at least grab some eggs and walk and eat. Sure enough, when i did that i ended up not needing them. I wasnt as tired today so thats a good thing.


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Day 5

Awesome day! Felt good. No cravings. Passed up on pumpkin brownies. Overall good day.

Meal 1-scrambled eggs with mushrooms in coc oil

Meal 2-left over curried meatballs with steamed carrots. Dumped coc oil on the carrots

Snack-sauerkraut and kombucha

Meal 3-salad bowl from chipotle (lettuce, carnitas, guac, pico) yummy!

Thats it! No nuts and no tummy ach. :)


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Day 6

My first day of not working while on my whole30. Weekends are usually rough for me as we tend to eat out more and there are just more opportunities for slip ups. However, not today. All meals were prepared at home!!

Meal 1-scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, avacado

Snack-it was odd, i got hungry 2 hours after breakfast, but no worries bc i knew i had a nutritious breakfast. Snack was hard boiled egg and olives

Another snack at my sons baseball game--handful of homemade trail mix with kombucha

Meal 2-left over curried meatballs, green beans with onions and mushroom w/ coconut oil

Took an awesome 2.5 hour nap!!!

Meal 3-chicken thighs (from practical paleo), red cabbage sauted in coc oil, roasted veggies (easter radishes, japanese sweet potatoes, onions, zuccinni w/ thyme & coc oil=awesome!)

My tummy is getting smaller. I feel good. I know i can do this!


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Day 7

Another good day foodwise. I caught up on some sleep, which is always nice.

Meal 1-big veggie omlette w/ onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach and tomato smothered with avacado on top

Snack/meal 2 (ate meal 1 really late bc of sleeping) - sliced bananas, handful of macadamia nuts and 2 dates chopped with spoonful of almond butter and spoonful of coconut butter. Yum.

Meal 3-bacon burger from paleo parents (bunless of course) topped with guacamole, tomatoe, lettuce and onions. Side of brocolli.

I am amazed at the ease of this. And i am amazed at how much better my stomach feels. Aside from being upset after the nuts earlier in the week -which i think its only after one certain brand of almonds bc yesterday i was fine - my stomach feels so much better. Not really bloated, gurrgling, running to the potty. Awesome!


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Day 8

Just was NOT really hungry today.

Meal 1-hard boiked egg, handful of almonds

Meal 2-leftover curry meatballs, brocolli-picked at it and didnt really eat it all

Meal 3-sirloin pork chop, brocolli, a few dates

I am sure my appetite will be huge tomorrow since i was not hungry today.


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