Off track and realising how much better I felt before


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Hi everyone

I finished my whole 30 on 2nd October and I still felt a bit rubbish. I was exhausted, I had bouts of diarrhoea and although I'd lost 10 pounds I knew it was the start of a journey. I did a speeded up reintro where I did legumes, then 2 days later dairy, then 2 days after that sugar, alcohol, wheat and everything else that's bad. I've been off track since then. 

In the last 2 weeks I've noticed a lot of things that went away without me realising during the whole 30. My skin is soooo itchy. My face is flaky. I have muscle aches, particularly in my back and neck. I'm constantly thirsty. I wish I felt as tired as I did when I thought I was exhausted during whole 30!

I need to get back on track. But i think back to whole 30 and all i can see is the piles of washing up and the standing cooking after a long day at work and I can't face it right now. I read Food Freedom Forever and had a lightbulb moment where I realised how stressed I am at work and home, and I'm trying to work on that, but I need to sit down and come up with simple meals that don't require a lot of cooking and prep that I can eat 90% of the time until I get into the right head space to do a full reset again. I'm really busy until the end of the year with weekends away and visitors plus the usual Christmas business, so I was always planning on waiting until January before my next reset, but I can't go on feeling like this until then so I've got to do something. I could probably squeeze in a whole 14 at the start of November, that might help.

I want to be healthy, I love the whole 30 recipies, I just wish I could wave a magic wand and have the meals there for me without doing the prep, cooking and clean up after! I'm sorry that this is such a huge whiny post, please feel free to give me a virtual slap. I'm off to the fridge to see if I can scrape together something with eggs for breakfast.

Thanks for listening



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clearly you've identified a niche market, or gap for a company - veg box/food deilveries* (all prepared to whole 30 recipes), or a cafe, restraunt, that only serves whole30 compliant food, ready prepared for the times of 3 meals.

*think 'Happy Whole30 Fresh' or 'WholeGousto', or whatever.

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You're so right, I got off track during my re intro..and subsequently piled on some weight, felt achey and not so good as on Whole 30. What stopped me getting back to it was the meal preparation and just having to think about planning meals as I live 25 miles from a supermarket. ( no I don't do on line shopping, I just like to see what I'm buying rather than leave the picking to someone else).  

However I'm on week one of my second W30 and so glad I made the effort...I'm already feeling better....get to it and you know you might feel the same. It really is worth it after all.

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Ugh. I hear you.  I finished up my W30 on Oct 1st or 2nd. Did the 14 day reintro, and did ok at that. Felt fine. For the last 2 weeks, I've felt like crap. I think it's the sugar and the wheat.  I've noticed that on days when I eat a lot of either of those, I feel extra crappy. I wanted to (excuse) restart yesterday, but they catered in lunch at work. I fell prey to a brownie (excuse) which was really good for the first few bites, but then sickeningly sweet. But I ate the whole dang thing. Why why why???  I am officially re-starting today and going through Thanksgiving, to get that good feeling back.  I can't control what my sister makes for Thanksgiving, and stuffing is a once a year gotta have it food. But for now, I am back on track.  

I love to cook, but I do agree some nights I don't feel like standing over the stove. I plan for 2 nights of leftovers, and plan the menu for the next 2 weeks on Friday before I shop on Saturday. It helps. There is then normally one trip back for produce or other things that may spoil if they sit for 2 weeks. It may work for you. 

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