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Muscle weakness and stinky sweat


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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie and maybe this has been addressed before, but this is my story:

Started my whole30 on September 19th. I'd tried Paleo before with good results, but went back to my old ways, so I figured a commitment to 30 days completely clean would get me jumpstarted back into the good habits. And it's working and I love it.

But now I'm 26 days in and have a nagging problem that I thought would be resolved by now and one new problem. The first one is a general feeling of muscle weakness on exertion. I'm a taekwondo instructor and I train at least 4 days a week for at least an hour at a time. I like to train at 100%, but I find myself cutting back because of a feeling of muscle weakness. Especially my arms are feeling tired when they hadn't before. I also notice this when I climb stairs in my home, my quads feel so tired after just 2 flights. Is this just my muscles getting used to burning fat? Any idea how much longer it will last?

Second, I always sweat a lot when I exercise. No problem, I'm used to it. But now my sweat is smelling like ammonia! Not enough to knock over other people, but enough for me to notice. The smell seems strongest on my chest. A friend told me that this means I'm burning protein and I know I've been in ketosis at least part of the time (not on purpose). So if anybody has some insight on this, I'd be really thankful.

Thanks in advance!

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Most people feel stronger near the end of a Whole30. Feeling weak 26 days into a Whole30 raises the question of whether you are eating enough. It would help if you provided a log of several days of your meals to give us something to assess.

I don't know what stinky sweat means. I have days when my underarms stink and other days when they are fine.

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