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So far, So Good.


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NOTE: This is a repost from the "Join the Whole30" section. I realized this might be a better fit. 

I am on day 4. Everything is so far so good, but I just want to get this post out there so I have a place to ask questions.

About myself. I am a  52 year old dude and am really hoping that this is the beginning of a permanent change in how I eat. I have decided to not sweat exercise (hah) too much right now as I am convinced it will be healthier for me to get closer to my ideal weight first. 

On Sunday I completely emptied my house of all offending foods, 

Here are some thoughts and observation I have so far. 

  • Black coffee is undrinkable.
  • Black tea is more drinkable but still too bitter. 
  • Black coffee with coconut oil blended in is OK. It'll do. (My girlfriend teased me that I drink warm coffee-flavored shakes. No more.)
  • I love to cook and am good at it. I like winging it more than following recipes and the results are usually good. 
  • Buying healthy food is expensive, but when there is no processed / crap food in your cart, it helps a lot. 
  • Reading labels is EYE-OPENING. Things I discovered that were not allowed included packaged deli meats, frozen seafood, in fact, most pre-packaged meats. WOW.
  • This morning I put a Chuck roast in the crock pot with taters, carrots and onions. I can't wait for dinner. 
  • I am happy white potatoes are allowed. I plan on making mashed potatoes made from chicken stock and assorted fats. 
  • I don't like raw carrots, Maybe I'll feel differently in a week or two. 
  • I love cooked greens, especially spinach, kale and swiss chard. In my small city, only one grocery store (Publix, the expensive one) sells swiss chard. 
  • Staying in budget is important. I will mostly shop at Aldi and Walmart Neighborhood Market. 
  • I hate fish. Always have. I bought some frozen pacific cod and alaskan salmon. I had to search hard to find frozen fish that was banned-ingredient free. I really want to like fish. Any thoughts on preparation or recipes?  
  • Roasted butternut squash with cinnamon and paprika = YUMM. 
  • Ghee is so danged expensive. I may try clarifying my own butter, 
  • Coconut oil is a miracle. 

I do have a few questions. 

I have joint custody of a 14 year old girl and a 26 year old man with special needs. They are at my house every other week. When I told my daughter about Whole30 and the fact I was getting rid of all the non-compliant food, she freaked out.  I told her I would not compromise on the availability of crap food in my house for these 30 days, It is not allowed. I started on the day (Sunday) she and her bro want over to their moms. She is certain she is going to starve to death during the two weeks she is at my house during whole30. I have told her I will have an abundant supply of food, and if she tells me what she likes, I will make sure to have lots of that. She is mostly freaked out about no milk and cereal.My adult son with down syndrome has "grooves". Things he does very habitually. For example, He makes himself a sandwich for lunch almost every day. I think He may also have a hard time adjusting.  Has any one dealt with this? Any suggestions? FYI, I am really concerned that if I have non-compliant foods in the house that I will be tempted to eat it. 


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