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Reintro after other cleanses vs. Whole30 Reintroduction


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Hi there!

Quick question. I finished the Whole30 about a month and a half ago and did the fast reintroduction schedule minus legumes because I don't like beans much anyway. No issues with nongluten grains, dairy, wine... Then gluten grain day came and I felt pretty bad. I've played around with gluten here and there since then and sometimes I feel OK and other days I don't. And there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. But when I do feel bad, it feels like a hangover and my vision gets all blurry. I accept that it's gluten. And I accept that the Whole30 didn't cause this intolerance that I probably just felt awful before but didn't realize it since awful was the norm.

But what my question is I've done several cleanses in the past. I've cut out sugar before. I've done juice cleanses. I did the Master Cleanse a few times for 10 days at a time. I did a 10 day green smoothie cleanse last year. And every time after, I would slowly reintroduce food and had no issues at all with any food, gluten included. So why now? 

Any insights is greatly appreciated!

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Click on each of the links below, your questions will be answered. 


Severe Digestive Issues After Whole30 - Whole30 Reintroduction ...

Jun 9, 2015 - After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small ... Your gut will start to build a thick mucosal lining to protect itself from the ... If it's the latter, it can take a few weeks of Whole30'ing to heal your gut.


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Thanks so much for the reply MeadowLily. :) I appreciate you taking the time to find those forum threads for me!

So since I haven't had any digestive issues, I'm assuming it's the mucosal lining that you're pointing to in those forums threads? 

And I'm also still curious about having done cleanses in the past but never having any adverse reactions when reintroducing foods? I once went 6 months without any gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, non-gluten grains and reintroduced everything slowly and felt fine. So why this now?


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