Homemade Sausage


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My husband's a hunter and brought home a deer last weekend - now our freezer is packed with venison! Talk about ideal Paleo protein...

We're taking half of the ground meat, mixing 50-50 with pork butt, and taking an adventure into the land of homemade sausages. We've never done this before so there's every chance that it will be an epic fail! Keeping my fingers crossed... The first hurdle was prepping the casings - bizarre but kind of fascinating. Now we have to actually stuff those suckers.

Anyone out there ever made sausages from scratch before? Would love tips and tricks if you have any!

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So Jealous ( In a good way) with your Venison haul.  I grew up on this meat and love it cooked any way I can get it.

My husband does not hunt but, occasionally will get a package from a family member that does.  I savor every last bite!!


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