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52 hours clean...or I'm new


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After reading It Starts With Food I realized I had the trifecta. Hormones out of whack, no hunger ever, and leaky gut. I have IBS and really have tried a lot to feel better.... fiber, teas, modifying my diet short term, to practically not eating ever because that's the only time my gut feels okay.  My metabolism is shot and I have a very stressful job as a 911 dispatcher. Constant shots of adrenalin and cortisol all day. Every day.  I also found out recently I had sleep apnea for probably the past 15 years.  I'm now sleeping blissfully with a CPAP.  

I'm tired of chronic gut pain and cramping urgent trips to the bathroom.... I'm sick of feeling like crap and having no energy. 

 Hoping for some relief! 



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Hi @911angel - first, thanks for the work you do! 

Second, there is new research that is starting to show that what was once considered IBS could be an intolerance to FODMAPS. I'm not saying that this is you but if you take on the Whole30 and find that your IBS is getting worse instead of better, it might be worth bearing in mind and looking at the overall quantities of FODMAP you are including in your diet. The fact that you say you feel better when eating nothing at all makes me think you might want to at least put this in the back of your mind. I know the Whole30 is a lot to take on and adding in the FODMAP elimination would be even more limiting but depending on how severe your distress, could be worth it.

NOTE: we usually do recommend that people follow the Whole30 exactly as written before adding further restrictions but people intolerant of FODMAPS can find themselves feeling worse as they move through Whole30 because they have increased a number of high FODMAP veggies. Just bear it in mind.

From the Harvard website: So far, studies have shown that a low FODMAP diet improves IBS symptoms. One study even found that 76% of IBS patients following the diet reported improvement with their symptoms.

You can look at this list for a good run-down/traffic light system of identifying FODMAPS.  http://www.thepaleomom.com/modifying-paleo-for-fodmap-intolerance/

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Hi and thank you for the feedback. I'll do some research and consider the FODMAP component. 

My symptoms do seem to come and go with no predictability.  I'll eat pretty normal for a while and then wham! Flare up and I'm living on a BRAT diet for a while. I also make a mean turkey meatball veggie soup that I can eat with out problems but that too gets old. 

Thanks again. I'm hopeful I'll find some relief soon. 

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Day 13 update... 

I'm seeing some promising improvements. I've had several days where I am free from gut pain and discomfort. My stomach looks flatter. Yay!!   I'm sleeping wonderfully. I fall asleep soooo fast and sleep very deeply. My long term chronic shoulder pain (doctor says it's a bulging disc between C 5 and C 6) is much less bothersome than usual. 

I don't wake up hungry still but I do get hungry about 4 hours after a meal. :) 

The cravings aren't too bad. I do really miss having a Pepsi each day though... but the improvements are really exciting and worth the minimal sacrifice. 

Happy and getting healthier! 

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