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Day10: nonstop diarrhea/FODMAP question

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I am currently on R1D10. I am doing the whole30 ina n attempt to diagnose some terrible digestive issues I've had for about 5 years, plus tame a sugar dragon.
I have had diarrhea everyday for 5 years. I've had testing done for intolerances and bacterial overgrowth in my intestines and it all comes back negative. I do have an appt with a gastroenterologist in 3 weeks to help figure it out. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. I have fermented smelling gas (great for my marriage! Ugh!) and lots of it.  My hope with doing the whole30 was to eliminate any problematic foods for a time and learn a lot through the reintro. 
However, I'm on day 10 and I swear it's getting worse. I've been woken up at 3am the past three days with oily and watery diarrhea every 20 minutes throughout the morning. I'm exhausted, probably dehydrated now, and frustrated that all my hard work at sticking to the program perfectly has actually done more harm to my gut.  I haven't tried eliminating FODMAP fruits and veggies and avocados yet, but I realize that can make a huge difference for IBS sufferers.  I will admit, I eat A LOT of onion, avocado, and other high FODMAP foods. 
So, my question is: on day 10, is it unrealistic for me to be expecting to see positive results from the whole30 already in my gut? Would it be a good idea to, at day 10, now eliminate FODMAP foods as well? Or should I just accept that this increase in diarrhea is actually normal and my body healing or detoxing? 
Any input would be appreciated! 
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