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Is it the food in the US? New member, starting Monday and NEEDS ENERGY!


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I just joined with hopefully spirits, albeit exhausted spirits. I was recently in Europe for about a month and a half and ate EVERYTHING and felt great. No digestion issues, had plenty of energy, no bloat and was even loosing weight after literally eating a pizza, bottle of wine and loaf of bread each night for dinner. No joke! Well, I get back in the US and swear I've gained 5-10lbs just being back 2 weeks. I am bloated. My clothes that were just loose on me are now uncomfortably tight, my digestion has been a wreck and I am EXHAUSTED. When I say exhausted, i mean exhausted. A tired i have never felt before. All this to say... could it be the food? I was eating very fresh, REAL food in Europe, yes lots of bread, cheese and olive oil but fresh, and I was losing weight! It really made me think...  is it the food? Prior to that trip I was struggling with my weight and trying everything, protein powder, portions, diets, everything and NOTHING was working. Well, I am getting off topic...My guess (and I would LOVE to hear experiences and opinions of others) is it the food here in the US? (Not all mind you, but my food choices, the processed, the "healthy" stuff.) I have also found since I have returned my cravings have been insane, I am binging on foods I would have never binged on before and like I said, I am so tired I can hardly function. My brain literally feels like I am in a fog and I have been feeling achy and "sick" even though I am not sick.  A friend of mine completed the Whole30 and said it was amazing and I thought I'd take a chance and try.  I have FAILED so many other diet programs that I am nervous to fail again. I am starting Monday 10/31/16 and just got done attempting to create my meal plan. Not sure I did it right but we'll see. i still need to grocery shop and prep. So here are my questions...

Anyone else starting Monday and want to be a support team for each other?

Any thoughts on what I wrote about food? Could it be the food or am I using food as an excuse and it is something else? 

I love coffee and was trying to find "cream" alternatives. I see ghee and coconut oil, is that correct? Also, almond milk or cashew milk... thoughts on those? 

About binge eating... what causes this? How does it stop?

Thank you. Look forward to meeting you all!

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