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Food funeral: the plunge


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New here. Hi, my name is Mrs. Awesome and I have an unhealthy relationship with food. And y'all say... Hi Mrs. Awesome. 

Checking out this whole 30 thing. Instead of my food being my security blanket, my best friend, my entertainment, it needs to nourish my body and keep it going. 

But damn, y'all, I love sugar! I am going to need to buddies to keep me going. Teach me how to Dougie... I mean whole 30. And survive. And not picture Mr. Awesome's face as a scrumptious pizza. 

My thought is to start Nov. 7. I have school conferences and a mini vacation with the hubs this coming weekend. No time to prep. 

Man, I feel like I am walking off the plank. All I hear is the death march in my head as I type this. Breathe. 

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4 hours ago, 911angel said:

How's it going??? Love your sense of humor. :) 

I'm on day 13 and am seeing good results. 

Hope you are too! 

Just started today. I did however eat every no no food like I was on death row this weekend. I have a feeling my sugar crash will be fierce

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