Prepping for an intense 2017!


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Hello all!

I just wanted to make a quick post about beginning my 30 day journey. 

What inspired this commitment to better health was the recent news that I got accepted into a pretty awesome design school starting in January. It will be a very rigorous 15 months and I'm quite a bit nervous about being able to keep my energy and focus up and in line while also juggling being a wife and mother (I have an almost 2 year old). The timing of my 30 days is a bit of a bummer for it to be right at the holiday season, but I would much rather do this now then feel sluggish and awful for the first few weeks of school. I want to be prepped and feeling Tiger-ish to start the new year. 

Really looking forward to using this wonderful forum for advise, support, and inspiration! 

Today is day 3. Woo! 

Thanks in advance! 


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