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Second Time for Puckertoe.


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Week one of my second Whole 30.  Hardest part was actually starting again as I thought it was going to be more painful to leave behind all the bread, cheese, red wine that I like. In reality the first couple of days were hardest. I got into the swing of it by day 4. 

My daughter and husband are both on side and eating whole 30 as I'm not cooking non compliant meals. I decided that it's actually not selfish to want to be in control of my health, if that means not cooking or buying trigger foods then that's OK.

I've noticed that I'm pretty grumpy though, even if I don't feel that eating good whole 30 is difficult. Maybe sugarwithdrawl.

Already I'm sleeping better, maybe due to fewer teas and coffees, as I really can't stand black tea, and almond milk sucks.

Trousers already feeling baggy....but as usual it's my bum that's going first. Just wish a bit of the top half of me would go as well. 

I know deep down that feeling good for me means no cheese or milk and no wheat. That's quite tough as I miss milk in my tea, cheese and biscuits, crusty french bread and paté.etc. Enjoying life means good food and good food means thing like the above. I can live without cake and biscuits quite happily. 

Meals this week have been casseroles and salads, cauliflower kedgeree, brisket, roast veggies, tuna, sardines,with salad and dips with crudités. I've eaten more fruit than normal although the quantity is failing off now. Bought loads of nuts and nut butter, but can't bring my self to eat much of them as they are so expensive!

So looking forward to week two, knowing, feeling good isn't actually that difficult, but is worth the small amount of change in habits.



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It been an awkward few days, I've been house sitting and eating and food prep in someone else's kitchen.  Looking forward to going home.

Good butcher with home cured bacon, just salt no other things in was nice, but very very salty. 

Eaten egg, egg, eggs, tinned fish, bags of prepared veggies and boxed salads from the Spar. Nuts and lots of mint tea.

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Well, i gave up the October  Whole 30 as life got too complicated for a while. Then Christmas got in the way. Finally, started again on Monday this week, it was obviously the right time as everything seems to have slotted into place quickly. 

Over Christmas I'd gained 10lb, by mid January I was feeling really crappy and although stopped eating rubbish was just not well. Everything hurt, exercising was a trial of pain and sleep was just 4 hours a night. I'd been going to the gym 4 times a week and lifting weights, doing the New Rules of Lifting for women programme. I loved it. By January I was hating it because I was not recovering as I had been. The final straw was a walk with friends that should have been easy and left me sore for a week. I have suffered from Sarcoidosis in the past and put it down to a flare up from the Christmas indulgance. Every day felt like walking through treacle. I went for a couple of bike rides and was struggling round a 5 mile route, when last year I was riding 100 mile rides once a month, and 20 mis was an easy morning jaunt. Really cant be bothered with going to the doctor, as he hasn't got time for vague symptoms, its not something they seem interested in, so its hard to get anywhere. It took me 16 months to be diagnosed with sarcoidosis back in 2010.  fFnally after seeing a eye specialist for Uveitis, then  a  persistent cough being told by my doctor I had lung cancer by my GP. By the time I saw an oncologist diagnosed Sarcoidosis.  Completely exhausted after months of stress, I recovered once I knew what was wrong with me. Every winter seems to bring me to a bit of a relapse. The good thing is I never get a cold, but my over active immune system make for a lot of inflammation.  

         Now on the 4th day of my W30 and surprise, surprise achey muscles have calmed down. So when I went for a bike ride this morning and felt ok after It was lovely. I made every effort to be in the moment. Its so great when the world is alright. Sun shining, cold and frosty, just wonderful. 

        We've eaten some great tasting food the last few days. stews, ragouts, curry, soup for lunches, no snacking. Im beginning to fall in love with the kitchen again. My energy levels are good. I'm working on the sleep thing by going to bed earlier. I think it  has helped. Whole 30 just does so much to make me feel well, I don't find it restrictive at all. I can live without dairy and wheat and wine. 

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End of week one. 

This week has been OK. Yesterday I had a headache and felt really lethargic, felt cold in the evening after being out biking and couldn't warm up, even after a bath.

Skin is already feeling softer and more supple.  Thinking that if that's the outside, then the inside must be equally feeling better too.

Take away this week is that I feel better both physically and mentally without processed food. Dairy I think is a big issue for me. After Christmas binging in cheese  (Gromit syndrome), I felt pretty crappy.when I start reintroduction in a few weeks time, dairy will be last. Maybe I won't bother trying at all.  

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