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Day 21: New Allergies?


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I am on day 21 of my first whole30 and it's been going very well thus far. I didn't suffer from any major sugar hangovers or many of the symptoms described as typical. Hooray! However in the past week I've been noticing a new super sensitivity to foods that I've previously had little issue with. 

Mango skin has always been a trigger for me, but a peeled mango is usually fine. A ton of pineapple (like 2 whole pineapples in the span of 2 to 3 days)  may make me itchy around the mouth, but a few slices have never been a problem. This week both mango and pineapple have been making my mouth super itchy and feeling inflamed and in the last day or two, it's come to making my whole body kind of itchy. I also am having a reaction to balsamic, and possible a few other things (I need to pay better attention). 

I can certainly cut these foods out for a while- I have been persevering because they were in mason jar salads I had already prepared for the week and also they're delicious. Any thoughts on why this average amount of fruit (and balsamic) has suddenly been a problem? Any other related foods I maybe need to avoid? I've been reading online about latex cross reactivity and cashews being in the same family and histamines and lots of things that aren't making much sense to me since I've never had any food allergies except the urushiol on mango skin. 

Thank you guys for your advice!

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