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October Whole 30 success story!


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I've been lurking on these forums for the past 30 days but this is my first time posting. I started the Whole 30 on October 1st and made it the entire 30 days without cheating! Only had one accidental slip up when I used pumpkin pie mix instead of pure pumpkin in a recipe. One taste was enough for me to realize my mistake so I threw it out. I decided not to re-start because of that since it was an honest mistake and not a moment of weakness. Plus it was day 20 and the idea of starting from day 1 was too overwhelming! Despite the one hiccup, I think I still reaped a lot of the benefits of this plan including:

- More energy

- Better sleeping

- Clearer skin!

-Fewer cravings

-Weight loss (I'm down 10 pounds. While I didn't do the diet just for weight loss, I could feel my pants were getting a smidge tight, and now I feel back to normal, so I'm really happy).

My boyfriend, who lives with me, also completed the diet and is down 12 pounds and sleeping soooo much better (he's usually an awful sleeper). He used to eat a lot of fried, processed, and sugary foods and feels so much better now that he's more focused on whole foods. Doing the Whole 30 together made it so much easier--we were a team and encouraged each other.

I really hope that this experiment will help me have a healthier relationship with food. Also, for anyone who has had weight loss surgery, I had a gastric bypass about four years  ago and lost 180 pounds in under two years. While I have kept it off for the most part, lately I was seeing the weight start to creep up because I can eat more normally now. This month has totally been the re-set I needed to get myself back on track mentally and now I'm back to my standard weight. But even better, I'm feeling much less anxious about food in general. What to eat and how much to eat and when are easier things to figure out now (I think part of that is because the Whole 30 really limits your choices, so I tended to make good ones by default!)

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions or advice for re-introduction or how to continue living whole 30-ish for the most part. My boyfriend and I have already made a pact to eat Whole30 when we are home if we can (although we re-introduced dairy today and I will say the cheddar cheese on my omelette was kind of amazing :)



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Congrats on a successful Whole30! I'm right behind you and will be finishing on Thursday :)

Have you checked out the new book, Food Freedom Forever? It's a great resource on how to continue after your Whole30 is over. Basic gist is once you've reintroduced all the food groups you've been missing (one at a time, of course, with several strict Whole30 days in between - as many as it takes to feel "back to normal"), you decide which of those foods you can safely add back into your regular diet without any negative consequences. Next step, live your life! If something special and tasty comes along that you know will disagree with your system, you decide if the negative consequences are worth it, and either eat it or pass. The trick is to always be aware of your food choices, and to acknowledge if you're starting to slip back into old ways. If you are, you just do another Whole30 (or shorter) reset to get back on track.

I highly recommend the book. SO much helpful info in there.

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Congratulations on your amazing Whole30!

I second the recommendation of Food Freedom Forever! I bought it last week since I was already starting to wonder how I would deal with post-Whole30 life. I know I don't want to go back to anything remotely resembling the way I used to eat, but I also want to learn to "ride my own bicycle" as Melissa says. That book was incredibly useful to me in helping me understand what a life of balance could look like for me.

I've decided to continue the Whole30 for 90 days, partly because it really simplifies holiday eating and partly because 90 days seems like a good length of time to truly cement those new habits (since my habits before this program were the opposite of the Whole30 - microwaved / processed / fast food everything, logging and weighing every bite of food, gluten/sugar/dairy-palooza).

After that, I plan to do a very slow-roll reintroduction to find out which foods were triggering my migraines, acid reflux, mood instability, etc., and which foods are safe to bring back to my diet (pleeeeease let cheese be ok for me haha).

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