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A new Whole 30


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I started my last whole 30 on August the 3rd,and stuck to it and felt great.I had great outcomes.You can read it here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/1822-angelas-second-whole-30/page__fromsearch__1

and here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/2711-wow-i-did-it-no-cheats-no-cravings-so-happy/page__fromsearch__1

But, I need to do it again. I loved the outcomes, but it wasn't enough to stop me from letting myself stray whilst on vacation. I started my vacation wholesome and determined to stick to the whole 30 way of eating. My husband and friends toasted our holiday with beer and champagne, whilst I sipped my sparkling water, as I wanted to stay feeling so good while on vacation.But the temptations were too great and soon I was eating cheese,butter, gluten free bread and crackers, icecream,cake, fries and cider,wine and gin daily!

I knew it would have an impact and I soon discovered on our return home that the way I was eating has affected my skin (breaking out,rosacea), my energy levels, bloating and sadly,gaining 2 kilos (how on earth is that possible in a week?)

So, now I'm ready to embark on a new whole 30. This time I plan to do a couple of things differently:

  • eat less nuts - I relied on them a bit too much last time
  • stick to eating a palm size portion of protein, I think I may have eaten a little too much
  • Make it easier for my family to eat this way by not giving into their requests for grain/sugar/trans fats
  • get out into nature more now that the weather is better. I think daily gentle exercise will help with a feeling of well-being.

It feels good to be starting again, and I realized when I had another look at the book (It Starts with Food) that I had missed the bit about the PDF's available. I have printed them out and will put them up on my fridge, just to give me a little more guidance. I just received a copy of the book for a friend,and I'm excited to be giving it to her tomorrow with the printed out PDF's. She'll love it, I know she can't wait to start the program.

This site has been such a great support, so I'm going to keep a log again.

I feel that if I keep a record, I can't let the side down by cheating.

I also know that doing this is SO worth the effort. I plan to feel great again...

So today - I started the day with stir fried spinach,tomatoes,mushrooms,cabbage and 100 grams of tuna in olive oil. The cupboards and fridge were pretty well bare after our vacation, so I was glad to have the tuna in the pantry.

For lunch I had some pork belly, stir fried (so quick and easy, so often my choice of cooking style) with cabbage,spinach and red capsicum (pepper).

I made a really nice slow cooked beef casserole with the beautiful organic pasture feed beef we bought in bulk. I certainly don't regret buying a quarter side of beef. It has been so good. I made the casserole with the blade steak,onions,capsicum,carrot,tomato puree and tinned tomatoes. I added some Australian bush spice (very nice),salt and pepper. I served it with cauliflower mash (made with a little olive oil) and broccoli (from the garden -yum).

I feel satisfied and glad to be back on track again. I really want to banish the bloat I have felt for a week.

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Day 2:

I already feel better - granted it is probably all in my mind, but for now,that feels good.

Today I have a 6 period day teaching (no prep time),followed by two hours tutoring. I don't like being so busy because I don't get a chance to get outside and exercise. By the time I get home it is dark. But I console myself in the thought that I'll find time tomorrow.

Today's food:


Pork belly strip,spinach and mushrooms with a little coconut aminos.Very nice.

Lunch: Leftovers from last night: cauliflower mash and beef casserole, and a kiwi fruit.

Dinner: lettuce fajitas: Mexican beef, lettuce and tomatoes, a banana and some coconut flakes and nuts.

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Day 3:

Already it feels like the days are flyinge and I feel that this whole 30 shouldn't be too hard.

However, I had a pretty tough night, getting up to my 4 year old four times and then rising early, so I am tired. I hope that the sleep deprivation won't make me feel like eating carbs and sweets. I'm determined to succeed, so will "keep calm and whole 30 on"

Today's food:

Breakfast: beef casserole and spinach

Lunch: Mexican beef with lettuce and tomatoes , kiwi fruit.

I came home after work and felt really hungry so I had a small serve of beef casserole. I know I am not supposed to do that, but I was in danger of eating some gluten free toast, do I think it was the better option.

Dinner: I marinaded some chicken tenderloins in garlic, lemon rind,lemon juice , bush spice and macadamia oil. My DH barbequed them, and we had them with green beans, and roast veggies: parsnip,beets,sweet potatoe, red onion,fennel and carrot. It was delicious.

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Thanks Natalie,

I have to admit it feels easier this time.

It is day 4:

Breakfast: finished off the last of the beef casserole ( I love that I really don't waste food anymore, I just keep eating the same stuff, it doesn't matter which meal I am having), and added roast vegetables cut up small, and spinach leaves. I put it all the frypan to heat it - delicious.

Lunch: last night's dinner,followed by a banana and a kiwi fruit ( I have been so hungry lately)

Dinner; fabulous and yummy! I roasted some eggplant,zucchini and small roma tomatoes in olive oil.

We ate that with a lovely "shepherd" style pie : I cooked beef and pork mince with onions and garlic in coconut oil, I added some grated carrot, mixed rocket and spinach leaves and fresh herbs (parsley,oregano and thyme), some paprika,salt,pepper,beef stock,tomato puree and tinned tomatoes. I topped it with parsnip and sweet potato mash, and popped it in the oven. Delish.

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Day 5:

Breakfast: leftovers from last night's dinner

Unfortunately day five ended with noncompliance so I am starting afresh tomorrow.

I am not feeling bad about it, but I can't pretend that I didn't eat gluten free pasta ith butter and cheese tonight, and I won't make excuses. So I am readying myself to start afresh in the morning, and this time I will do 30 days without cheating, maybe even try 45 or 60 days. But first I want to do 30:)

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A Brand New Day One:

Breakfast: Paleo Shepard's pie from a couple of night's ago.

Lunch: Salad made with mixed leaves,snow peas,carrot (all fresh from the farmer's market), a vinaigrette and some baked ham and macadamias.

I worked really hard in the garden all afternoon, and came inside feeling ravenous, but it wasn't dinner time, so I had a small serve of the Paleo Shepard's pie (it's all finished now). I consider the gardening a type of workout, so I feel fine about that mini meal.

Dinner: my daughter made pork wontons for the family, so I had the pork (seasoned with paprika,mace,garlic and onion) with broccoli,cabbage and sugar snap peas.

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Thanks, Megan. It's so great to have so much support on this site.

Day Two:


I used last night's leftover veggies and cooked them with some pork belly strips ( my bacon substitute ), added some coconut aminos and spinach.

Lunch: much the same as lunch but I added some avocado, macadamia nuts and lemon juice and salt. It was yummy. I followed that with some kiwi fruit and toasted coconut and nuts. Mmm...yum.

Dinner: Pork chop ( pork seems a theme today) with oven roasted sweet potato chips and egg plant, done in coconut oil, and some broccoli and carrots. Very filling and yummy.

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Day three:


Pork strip cut up and stir fried with broccoli,cabbage and spinach.

Lunch: much the same as breakfast.followed by some dates and sultanas ( which I regretted as they are very sweet).

Dinner: chicken curry, made with onion, red curry paste,egg plant,snap peas,coconut cream and veggie stock, served over broccoli. Had some peach with coconut flakes and macadamia nuts.

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Day four:

Breakfast :chicken tenderloins stir fried with asparagus,mushroom and spinach. Added a squeeze of lime and some mineral salt. Yum.

Lunch: leftover chicken curry with broccoli and some pineapple.

Dinner: duck with stir fried cabbage,broccoli,cauliflower and carrot.

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It seems to me that once you get past the first label reading frenzy and shock, and get used to recipes, a second Whole30 would be easier. Not that I'd know, since I'm only part of the way through my first one :) It makes me think I can do this for a long time. We shall see.... I'm on a Whole82, on day 12 (with an 11 day restart before that).

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I agree Mingo, but I sometimes feel a bit lazy and could easily slip into eating a little something non compliant as I did on day five, after feeling a bit down. I want to hang on this time, because the benefits are so worthwhile.

Day five:

Breakfast: chicken tenderloins and cabbage and sweet potato.

I'm feeling a bit blue, it has been a tough week and I think I have PMS, so today I am tucking into sweet potatoes and will eat a couple of pieces of fruit, for the extra carbs.

Lunch: sweet potato,cabbage and chicken curry and a kiwi fruit and banana.

Dinner: tandoori roast chicken served with roast sweet potato and broccoli. Also had peaches sprinkled with nuts and coconut.

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Day six:

Breakfast: pork belly, stir fried with cabbage,asparagus,sweet potato and broccoli. Add a sprinkle of lemon juice and mineral salt, and yum!

Lunch: I cooked double at breakfast so I could have the same for lunch. Followed that with a kiwi fruit.

Dinner: my daughter made fried rice for the family, but I had the veggies and bacon with extra veggies, broccoli and cabbage instead of rice. So it had asparagus,carrot, onion,spinach,bacon,broccoli and cabbage.

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Oh no, I have done it again. I don't know why doing a second whole thirty is so damned hard. I am going to have to start again.

This time I am signing up for the daily emails. I will start again tomorrow.

It is so much harder this time, why?

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Day One Again!

Okay, so I made it through the day without giving in to anything I didn't need.

But I'm tired and I don't feel like writing down everything I ate.

I am thinking a long walk in the wind and rain would be good for me.

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Day two

I did end up going for a 40 minute walk which was lovely, even with the wind and rain, it felt good to be alive and active. One of my goals for this new whole 30 is to do at least 30 minutes exercise four times a week. I know daily would be better, but I am trying to make attainable, realistic goals.

Tonight we are going out to a friend's place to celebrate his birthday. I know it will be hard to drink mineral water rather than champagne, but certainly worth sticking to this. Also food could be tempting, but we'll be having a barbeque and eating steak and salad won't be too much of a hardship.

This morning for breakfast I had a few different leftovers all thrown in together. Mexican beef, roasted veggies ( parsnip,fennel and onion) and stir fried veggies ( celeriac,cabbage and asparagus).

For lunch I had dinner leftovers: chicken wings seasoned with my own recipe: garlic powder,onion powder, paprika,salt,pepper and fresh lemon thyme, lemon rind,lemon juice and macadamia oil. I ate it with steamed cabbage,and roast veggies. I also ate a kiwi fruit.

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Day three:

We went out to the barbeque and I did fine. I was pleasantly surprised that passing up on pavlova and malteesa chocolate cake was easy. :)

Day three was a good one. I made all the right food choices, even when I was out having coffee (tea for me) with my sister. The cafe had a lovely assortment of gluten free treats,which is unusual.But I thought about how I'd feel if I did eat the pear and walnut tart. I knew I'd feel disappointed in myself and that my body wouldn't thank me, so it was easy to say no thanks.

I am having some sweetness cravings after lunch and dinner,and did eat some dried fruit after lunch yesterday.I know that I probably shouldn't have,but it hasn't caused a failure of the whole 30, so I shall move on. I was very tired after a rough night's sleep with my DS. Eventually I had a nap.I know that the cravings are due to tiredness and that a nap is what I needed, but sometimes, with a family it isn't easy to just go and have a nap.At least I am recognizing it and having a nap did help. Then I cooked a wonderful roast chicken dinner for the family and even passed up on the new potatoes and had sweet potato instead.

I really want to keep this up - seems I broke this twice around day 5/6- so I will be extra vigilant on those days.

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Day Four:

A great day, doing things I love to do. I wish every day could be the same.

I managed to ride my bike down to the beach, then take a long walk on the beach. It was raining, but I didn't care. In fact,I saw someone swimming and wished I had brought my razor vest to get in and swim too. After that I dropped into my friend's place for a cup of tea. I had a compliant lunch of leftovers from the night before, then I had a little nap. Later on I had a yoga class, and came home to my hubby cooking my dinner! How nice ; he made me a beautiful steak with broccoli and snap peas, mashed sweet potato and carrots.

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Day 4 Sunday


I sat down and had a think about goal setting.

This is what I came up with:


Apart from the obvious : sticking to the whole 30

I will remember to take my supplements: Magnesium,multi-V,fish oil,probiotics and Vit D daily.

Stress Management:

I will go to Yoga class once a week and try to do another session of yoga at home during the week.


I will not buy any new clothing over the whole 30 (but it is okay to buy second hand)


I will do at least 30 minutes exercise four times a week.

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Day 5 (Monday) and I didn't cheat :D :D :D :D :D

So I started the day with some sauteed cabbage,spinach and tomatoes and leftover roast chicken (that chicken went a long way)

I visited my sister and it was around lunchtime, so I tasted some of the rabbit she had cooked for her family the night before.It was delicious. But when I got home I was still hungry, so I made a big salad of spinach,mango,pine nuts,rocket and tuna. It was dressed in olive oil and lemon juice.

Tonight I am cooking a Lamb neck stew. It has onion,garlic,carrots,celery,thyme,vegetable stock (which is compliant) and lamb necks. I'll cook it slowly, and it will be yummy. I'll serve it with cauliflower mash and sugarloaf cabbage. Yum, yum!

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Day 6: Tuesday.

Another whole 30 day in the bank! Yippee.

And it is starting to feel easier again.

I don't think I'm fat adapted yet,though, as I do still feel hungry when I get home from work at about 5 pm. I had a good sized lunch -I felt satisfied, but still feel hungry now.

The last two nights I have slept like a baby. I think I'm a good sleeper normally, but my DS hardly ever sleeps through and that disturbs my nights. However the last couple of nights he has and I have slept so well. So why am I feeling less than energetic right now? I actually feel like lying down.

I will soldier on!

Today's food:

Breakfast: sauteed spinach,cabbage and zucchinni with pork belly.

Lunch: leftover lamb neck stew and cabbage. Also some mango and almonds.

Dinner; I'm planning on making some mexican pork mince with a bunch of veggies : spinach,zucchini,tomatoes,avocado and capsicum.

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