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Off Track Big Time

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I finished my 1st Whole 30 on March 26, I was 100% commited and didn't cheat once!. I lost 10 pounds and felt better than I have in years. Went off the Whole 30 for a couple of weeks and tried to start another one on April 9. I lasted 3 days. Now the stomach pains I used to have before I started the first Whole 30 are back again, the eczema that had gone away on my hands is back in full force, I have gained back 8 of the 10 pounds, and the roseca and adult acne on my face is worse than ever.

I relate it to the story of going to the doctor and telling him "Doc, it hurts when I do this...., and the doctor says well then don't do that ...." this should be easier now then it was the first time, but it seems like it's all or nothing for me. I can't do this half way...anyone else having this problem?


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Congratulations on making it through your first Whole30! You're not alone in finding your way back on track. You mentioned being 100% commited the first time. If you were to know, what was the difference that supported that commitment? Sometimes we're just not ready to commit. Thank your body for what my friends and I like to call "exquisite feedback" your body has been willing to supply. (aka stomach pain, eczema, etc...) Then take a look at other important factors in your life such as lifestyle, stress, sleep, etc.. Next, ask your body and your self what would be a good next step. Maybe you are ready to commit to 4 or 5 days of squeaky clean eating. Then maybe another 4-5 days! Sometimes that's all it takes for me to get back on track. (It's a little trick I play on myself when 30 days sounds too scary.)

You can do it! Remember, this program is about so much more than the Whole30. It's about changing your life, your awareness, your relationship with food and with yourself.

Here are a couple of links to recent articles written by Melissa that you might find helpful!



As always, let us know how we can support you.

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For some reason, the second Whole30 is often harder for folks than the first. I think perhaps its because during your first program, it's all new and shiny, and that makes things kind of exciting. Now, you know what you'll be doing for the entirety of the 30 days...and it seems less exciting.Jeanye

As always, Jeanye's advice is fantastic. Thinking about why you went off the program and figuring out how to set yourself up for success this time around - planning and preparation - may make all the difference. I also love the idea of breaking it up into chunks if 30 days seems unmanageable. Start with 4 days - one day longer than you made it the last time. Then at the end of those four days, ask yourself if you can go just one more. Take it one day, one meal at a time if you have to - but commit to getting yourself back to a place where you felt healthy.

Finding a Whole30 buddy may also help - someone you can be accountable to for the duration of the program. You can find someone here, I'm sure there are more than a few folks going through the same thing you are.

You can do it - you know the path. You just have to take the first step.



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