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Serik's Round 6


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So, here we go again. I tend to do very well during my Whole30s, but haven't yet figured out how to eat long term. So, we reset again and keep trying to figure it out. Thanksgiving may be a challenge, but I'm determined to make it work!

I like how I feel when I eat real, whole, unprocessed foods and hate how I feel when I eat crap.  It should be simple to make the right choices based on this fact, but it's not for some reason. I've got the new book, am doing this whole30 to reset and am really going to try to figure out how to make lastyear'sing change this time

So this is day 1. I've been so focused on getting Halloween costumes done that I did very little planning and preparation to start today so it got off to a less than stellar (but still technically compliant) start but finished pretty strong.

Meal 1: turkey Epic bar, an apple, some cashews, coconut/date roll, black coffee (ate in the car driving kids to school)

Meal 2: tuna/salmon salad made with homemade mayo and dulse flakes, mixed baby greens, carrots, mushrooms, pepitas, garlic stuffed olives (2 PM)

Black coffee - after picking up the kids

Black coffee at committee meeting (at 7 PM, I don't usually do caffeine so late will see how I sleep tight

Meal 3: short ribs, roasted sweet potato wedges, sauerkraut, herbal tea (10 PM)

Tomorrow's meals should be timed a bit better and include a real breakfast. I'll also focus on drinking more water.

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Day 2

Meal 1 - Applegate roast beef, sweet potato wedge, cashews (was going to eat an apple but ran out the door without it), black coffee

Meal 2-tuna and salmon salad made with homemade mayo and dulse on mixed baby greens with carrots, mushrooms, snap peas, tomatoes, pepitas, an apple, water

Mid-afternoon black coffee

Meal 3 - compliant hot dogs, mustard, sweet potato wedges, green beans, fermented curry cauliflower, cashews (since the meal was short on fat) 

Need to spend some time planning meals, meal 1 needs help. I won't get cashews again for a while once these are gone, I tend to go overboard. Grocery shopping tomorrow, so hopefully the meals will improve. 

Drink more water!

I need to plan some good crock pot meals and things that work well as leftovers, I seem to have more evening meetings than ever this school year!

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