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My wife and I just completed 30 days of following the Whole 30 program.  I have to say we did this together and made the commitment to each other that we would do this and support each other thru this new journey and what a journey it has been!   The results exceeded our expectations hands down.  This program has been a huge help in learning what foods affect your body, how etc.  I lost 18 lbs (Went from 230 to 212) and my wife lost 12 lbs (don't know her weight, it's a secret :)))...My wife's blood pressure went down from the 130s over 90 to  110-115  over 80....:)...My fasting blood glucose went from 130's to 97 after day 30.  We both feel great everyday and are sleeping sooo much better at night.  No more sugar or carb cravings too.  I can't wait to go see my doctor for a check up again!  Truly Amazing.   We found the recipes in the Whole 30 book to be very delicious and satisfying.  I don't think there was one dish or recipe we didn't like.  We found the  program to be a bit challenging in a couple of areas:

1) Food prep takes a lot of time; You really need to read the labels, hunt for the right foods in multiple grocery stores etc.  This was very time consuming but worth it.

2) The food bill costs went up, but our "dining" out costs went down (especially while cutting out the booze!!!).  We only dined out about 4 times on during the 30 days and ate Whole 30 compliant salads with protein (chicken, steak or seafood). :)

3) We had a lot of fun together trying new recipes, cooking together and enjoying our time support each other throughout the program.

4) We primarily drank seltzer water (lots of it, gallons, well, it seemed like it!) and probably sampled every flavor known to man.  Certainly was a far cry from my beloved Vodka and Soda water drinky poos. 

We are moving into the "reintroduction" phase and will continue with this lifestyle change in our eating habits. Why not??? 30 days and we totally reset (detoxed me) our bodies.




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