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One meal at a time...My whole 30 journey.


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Today is the offical start date of my whole 30. I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time.

My name is Amy and I have been gluten free for a few years due to being diagnosed with celiac disease. I was feeling amazing after I cut out wheat after YEARS of pain and stomach issues. I was amazed at how well and energenic I felt in just a short period of time.

Over the past year, the aches and pains have started again, and I have found myself exhausted and with stomach issues again. I have been struggling for YEARS to lose the last 5/10lbs, and layer of fat that has been hiding my muscles that I work hard for. I have been a fanatic (though I have always allowed myself one cheat meal a week, which sometimes have become cheat weekend....oops) at eating clean and tracking my calories, and have been frustrated with my lack of results. I stumbled upon the whole 30 program when I was doing some research via the internet. I purchased the book, and over the past week have been reading it with my husband.

We decided to give it a go, and I am suspecting that I have issues with dairy, and possibly other grains, and I am eager to see how the 30 days turn out. I am toatally okay with removing grains completely from my diet if I need to and after reading the book I don't really care to re-introduce them back.

I was surprised and thrilled to hear that my husband wanted to do this along with me. I think having nothing in the house to slip will make this a bit easier. He also hasn't had the energy he use to have and is hoping some annoying aches will go away. His biggest challenge will be to not lose any weight. I am going to need to really make sure he eats enough. His work is strenous and he can not afford to lose any lbs. and he would really like to gain if anything!

Yesterday, I did some major food prep for the week. I have always done food prep on Sunday, but this was MAJOR!! I am sure, as with anything, it will get a bit easier with time. I am excited to see what the next 30 days and beyond will have in store for me. I will do my best to log in here everyday for the next 30+ days.

Plan of attack:

1. Grocery shop every Friday or Saturday, and prep every Sunday for the week. Plan out all meals for the week to set myself up for success.

2. Stick to whole 30 program as described. No slips.

3. STAY OFF SCALE. (This will be very hard for me: I weigh myself every morning)

4. Track meals, mood and sleep patterns and adjust accordingly.

5. Aim for 7/8 hrs of sleep every night.

6. Stay positive and focused.

What I hope to get out of my whole30:

1. Learn to not obsess about my food and calories and to not be afraid about having fat in my meals.

2. Get some energy back into my life. Get rid of some aches and pains: especially in my legs and right shoulder.

3. Sleep better.

4. I would love to lose some lbs, but would be just as happy if I lost some inches and body fat. I would love to remove the last bit of goo to show off some more muscle definition.

5. Learn to embrace the paleo lifestyle and make it 365 days and not just 30.

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Day 1/30 is complete (and successful)!

Sleep 7 hrs

Pre: handful coconut flakes w. black coffee

Wo: chest/shoulders/tris/abs: p90x

Post: roast chicken: brined w. 1/2 baked sweet potato plain

#1: ground turkey with kale sautéed in coconut oil and butternut squash w. nutmeg and coc oil.

Walk: 1.5 miles

#2: buffalo chili on a bed of spinach with celery sticks (buffalo was browned using coconut oil)

Walk: 1 mile

#3: grass fed sirloin steak w. sautéed onions and mushrooms in ghee, sweet potatoe mash made w. coconut milk and ghee, spinach salad w. kalamata olives and 1/2 tomato tossed with balsamic vinegar and evoo.

Felt satisfied at every meal. protein was a palm size. Was not stuffed or hungry until next meal time. This is a new feeling for me!

Planned all my meals for tomorrow and I am ready to roll. The kitchen is closed for the night!


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Believe me - after a bit you will LOVE all the fat in your well rounded meals. :D My fav is coconut milk.

If you suspect you have issues with intolerances to certain foods then I'm sure you're right - definitely follow your instincts.

Best wishes with your Whole30 journey!

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Thanks Jenny and Derval.

Sleept fantastic last night. Only 7 hrs but soundly. Need to work on getting to bed an hr earlier but 9pm is just so early. My husband and I get up early to wo before work, and usually aim for no later than 10pm. But I would really like to work on getting 8 hrs regularly. Another goal for the whole 30!

Really happy that my husband is committed with this too. I have had gluten and some treats for him in the house in the past but it is so nice to have all of that out of the house. No temptations other than a jar of nut butter and some nuts. I am going to try to limit my fruit and nuts as much as possible. I know I could over indulge with too may nuts or nut butter, so I am going to try and use them only when incorporating them into a meal or for emergency type purposes.

I have also signed up for the whole 30 daily emails. I read them during my pre workout snack. Little extra motivation will be nice every day for sure!!

Workout complete for the day. A few walks in a bit later: come on day 2!!!!


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Day 2 went well and looked like this:

pre: coconut flakes, handful/coffee black

walk: 1 mile in the dark! it is dark at 5am

kickboxing: 30 minutes

post: 1/2 sweet pot, roast chicken

#1: leftover steak (palm siize), kale sauteed in coco oil, sweet pot mash

walk: 2 miles

#2: buffalo chili over a bed of spinach, and celery stick, 1/2T coco butter

walk: 1 mile

#3: pork apple burger, grilled red pepper, sweet potatoe fries w/ chili poweder (1/2 sweet pot)

Found that I was a little tired late afternoon, but then got my second wind around 7pm after I ate. Felt pretty satisfied through the day. Made the pork apple burgers from the recipe section here. They were tasty, and I had some leftovers this am for post wo.

I am thinking that I may drop one of my 2 days of cardio that I do a week and go with some more walking. I know the dog will love that! I have been wondering if I do too much in the wo department. I find I am not really getting stronger over time.

Hoping that I am eating enough fat.....


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Wednesday. Day 3 went well. Day looked like:

Pre. Coffee black, handful coconut flakes

Wo: back/biceps/abs. P90x

Post: 1/2 leftover pork apple burger/1/2sweet potato fries with chili powder/coffee black

Meal 1: 6oz burger/grilled red pepper(only ate 1/2)/carrots and onion

Meal 2: buffalo chili over a bed of spinach/ 8 cashews sprinkled on top of chili

Tea: green

Meal 3: wild caught salmon/sweet potato mash with ghee and coconut milk/broccolini with ghee. Meal was yummy!! Glad I have leftovers for today!

I was a bit tired yesterday afternoon and told myself to get to bed early, but of course we didn't! I always feel like i get a burst around 6/7pm and "forget" that i was dragging all afternoon

Woke up super tired today AND hungry!!! I even skipped my yoga workout today and opted for an extra hour sleep. I will try to not feel guilty of my decision all day. Trying to listen to my body. My calf feel crampy and stuff too so I will just walk today AND drink more water.

On a plus note, no cravings or anything and feeling very satisfied with my food. It feels great to not feel hungry and deprived all the time! i am going to start meal planning for next week today and tomorrow to set myself up for success. My husband is doing really well with this too.

Come on day 4: let's do this!!!

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Thursday day 4

Woke up rather tired and opted not to do my planned workout. My calf were crampy. Woke up a bit hungry too

Coconut flakes: tiny handful/ coffee- black

#1: roasted chicken:palm size/green beans steamed with coconut oil on top/butternut squash w. coconut oil

Walk 2 miles

#2: palm sized salmon/kale sautéed in coconut oil/sweet pot mash w. ghee and coconut milk

Walk: 1.5 miles

#3: almond chicken: palm sized/broccolini and roasted asparagus/sweet pot mash made with coconut mil and ghee

Went to bed 1/2 hr earlier than normal but had trouble falling asleep even though I was tired. I hate when that happens!! Must say it is nice to have squash,sp mash, and some of the veggies already made for the week makes dinner times less of a chore to just heat up the sides and just worry about the protein. Will do that again during food prep Sunday. Also we normally go out for dinner on Saturday night but have decided to not go out for dinner during the whole 30. So weekends will be crock pot time I mainly like to go out on Sat so I don't have to cook 1 night a week. I figure if I do crock pot dinners maybe it will still feel like I am not cooking!

So far not having any cravings or anything, but I am totally not feeling like working out! Feeling a bit lazy...I need to snap out of that. Energy is a bit less. I need to get my water intake up!!! Also not sure if fats are enough or too much...


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Can't believe it's already Saturday. Today is day 6 for me.

Day 5 was successful: hooray!! Other than being a bit tired, no complaints. I am not having withdrawals. Probably didn't hurt that I was already gluten free and sugar light! Aches and pains still there but I am patient and hopeful! Workouts have been very minimal this week, going to get back to it next week for sure! I feel better when I workout. It helps my moods.

My day 5 looked like:

Coffee black

Walk. 1 mile in the dark!

I was hungry so I ate a 1/2 serving of a pork apple burger and leftover sp fries with chili powder

#1: chicken leg/green beans with coconut oil. This was a small meal too

Walk. 2 miles

#2: almond chicken/roasted asparagus/sweet potato mash

#3: cod piccata/roasted Brussels sprouts tossed in some ghee/1/2sweet potato with ghee

Dinner was delicious and I am glad I have some leftover for meal 2 today.

I am going food shopping today and then food prep tomorrow. List is a bit lighter than last weeks, so I am hoping the cost will be a bit less too. Needed to get some staples last week: we will see but it is what it is.

My husband is doing great. I though he would have some withdrawal symptoms but he has not. He ate more foods that needed to be given up. I am very proud of him for opting to do this me. He has lost some weight this week and can't afford too, so I need to make sure he is eating more fat and protein this week!! He has a hard time putting weight on and keeping it on. I wish I had that problem....

Off for a walk with the dog and some house cleaning to start the day off right! It is going to be 70's here today so I need to make sure I get out to enjoy it. Llate October and 70's are rare in New England and very much appreciated,

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Saturday went rather well. I even went to te movies and only ad water! Normally I would treat myself with popcorn: so not necessary!!


Coffee black

Walk 2miles and cleaned house

M1: roast chicken/sweet pot1/2/kale

M2: cod piccata/roasted sprouts

Walk 1mile

M3: pot roast/cabbage/carrots/onion

Movies: I saw Argo(a must see). Again no snacks:whoohoo!!

Today was some serious food prep. I have cooked my day away! Ready to start week 2!

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Sunday: food prep!! Took forever.... Hope it will get easier in time. I have always done food prep on Sunday, but not as much as this!


Walk. 2 miles

M1: sirion roast/ carrots/onion

M2: roast chicken/butternut squash/kale

Walk. 2 miles

M3: med chicken over spaghetti squash with ghee

I was a bit hungry last night but had some additional water and then went to bed early. Got an extra hour rest: bonus!!

Week 1 overall was a success. I think I need to add a bit more green veggies in this week. Going to limit nuts and fruit this week like last week too.

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A successful Monday. And I have to say that today (10/23) I feel really good!!

I have noticed my leg pain is much less, almost gone. I am sleeping rather well too got Nother 8 hrs last night. I could get use to this.

No cravings or slip ups so far


Pre: coffee/coconut flakes

Wo: chest shoulders tris

Post: roast chicken/ grilled sweet pot rounds(1/2 of a1/2 sweet pot)

M1: ground pork with diced apples made w/ coc oil/cin/nutmeg/ butternut squash topped w. ghee

Walk 2 miles

M2: turkey and ground beef chili on a bed of spinach

Walk. 1 mile

M3: chicken basil meatloaf/book chop sautéed in coco oil/ acorn squash topped with ghee

After dinner I turn off the light in the kitchen and close down the kitchen for the night. My husband normally goes in for a small snack, but I do not return until the morning.

I feel like I have turned the corner with this. Not that I had any cravings or anything, but I feel more alive and alert right now. I am truely not really missing anything right now. I do not even plan to introduce drains back in after the program. Why bother???

It is another beautiful day here. I am going to take my work outside on the patio to get some vitamin D.


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Good morning! I think my extra hr of sleep is making such a big difference. I am asleep in seconds too!! Love it!!!

Around our house Tuesdays are called "tired Tuesday". Me and my husband are always so tired on Tuesdays, but not yesterday!

Eats for day 9: Tuesday

Pre. Coc flakes coffee

Wo: JM cardio DVD

Post: roast chicken/ sweet pot rounds 1/4 pf 1/2 sp

M1: chicken basil meatloaf/roasted cauliflower in coco oil/squash

Walk. 2 miles

M2: turkey/beef chili on bed of spinach/ little serving of kale chips w. evoo salt pepper

Walk 1 mile

1 cup green tea

M3: pepper steak/onion/red pepper/diced tomatoes/ bean sprouts/ incrock pot with coconut aminos

Feeling good and ready to conquer day 10.

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So Day 10 went well.

pre: coconut flakes

wo: back/biceps

post: I was not hungry at all, I had 2 bites of roast chicken and opted out of the sp

meal1: pork/apple/sweet pot mash/roasted cauliflower

walk 2 miles

meal2: pepper steak/red pepper onions/diced tomatoe/cauliflower

meal3: med chicken/white acorn squash with ghee/arugula salad with lemon and evoo/red onions and cuc

Woke up a bit tired this am, so I opted for an extra 1/2 hr sleep instead of yoga. i now wish I just got up, but nothing to do about it now. I did not sleep very soundly last night. Some family stuff was on my mind when I went to bed. Oh well. Going to get out and enjoy this beautiful day, and make day 11 count!


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