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Started October 30. Anyone Else in the Same Boat?


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Hi! I'm currently on Day 4 of my 1st Whole25 and I'm looking for others who may have started their programs on or around Sunday, October 30. I have decided to do a Whole25 rather than a Whole30 this time around, because Day 26 will be Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a huge deal in my family and some dishes that we make for it, we only make that one day each year. So I know I want to partake in our family holiday festivities. I'm hoping that the habits I learn along my Whole25 journey will help me to make good food decisions on Thanksgiving Day (ie. load up on turkey and fresh veggies first and then eat a small portion of the stuffing ;)). But I know going into this that I want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling guilty, so I'm setting my program as a Whole25. I can then reset after Thanksgiving and do a second round of Whole30.

As to how my Whole25 has been going so far, I was actually feeling pretty good Day 1 and Day 2. Day 3 may have been harder, but I was on an emotional high because the night before our dog was returned home safe after having been missing for a whole week and our whole house was just ecstatic to have her safe and home, so food cravings/hunger seemed like nothing in comparison! Today is my Day 4 and I woke up extremely tired and sluggish this morning, it was very hard to drag myself out of bed. After two cups of black coffee between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning, a spinach, tomato, and ham frittata for breakfast, and getting into my work routine, I'm feeling much better.

I have dinner plans with a friend tonight and it will be my first time eating out since I started my program, which was a little stressful. My friend originally wanted to try out this new poutine place nearby (which we had talked about recently), and I initially felt so bad that my choice to participate in a Whole25 program would affect our dinner date. However, when I told my friend about my program and that the poutine place didn't offer any 'compliant' options for me she was completely understanding. She told me that she recently started an intense exercise program, so eating healthy actually sounded like a much better idea! We picked a restaurant that has wonderful create your own salads, with many fresh veggie topping choices, and I'm going to bring some of my homemade salad dressing. All in all, I'm very excited about my first Whole25 dining out experience! 

How is everyone else doing in their programs?

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