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This has probably been answered before but I couldn't find the topic so I wanted to ask for some help. I will be doing the whole30 with my mom but she and I don't live together so it is a bit hard to have that knowledge that she and I will be holding each other accountable. I know I will be good when it comes to making the food for myself and staying away from some cravings like creamer and sugar in my coffee, but my mom will be struggling with that and she has a job that requires her to be on point. She is not a tea drinker like me and I want to make sure we both go in and come out strong with this. 

Anyone have any tips to help us both keep each other on track while we do this.?

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There are many, many threads on this forum discussing alternatives to cream in your coffee. Search in Google for "Whole30 forum coffee creamer" and you will find some ideas to help you and your mom with that challenge.  

As to how to keep you both on track, I don't have anything helpful to share. I can't get my mom to eat healthy at all. She claims life would not be worth living without bread, cheese, and sweets. Sigh.

It all comes down to the fact that your mom is responsible for herself. You can't make someone else do anything. But you can be there to cheer them on, try out recipes together when you can, and make suggestions when they ask. 

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