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I just started the Whole30 today.  It was recommended by my doctor over 6 months ago and it took me that long to commit.  I bought the Whole30 book about a month ago.  I have read it all and many parts more than once.  I really need a change in my life.  This year I lost 30 pounds but still lack energy and drive.  I take medication for anxiety/depression and I had thought the answer to my problems was losing weight.  It didn't change much, in fact my circumstances got even worse.  My husband and I are separating and now I am all of a sudden a single mom to a 10 year old and broke.

My life changed drastically within one month.  The support system I had in my husband has disappeared since he is giving his support to another.  I know how to eat healthy but want to try the Whole30 to really get down to the core issues of my body and psyche.  I have no focus and for the past 3 weeks have been eating horribly because of stress. That doesn't help! I kept putting off my start date again and again but I am here now and ready to take charge of my health and my life in every way.

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