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Expected time frame?


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Yesterday was my first reintroduction day. I introduced legumes and felt fine all day. Today I felt fine but noticed that I didn't have a bowel movement (tmi).  I wouldn't describe myself as being bloated but I do feel that I need to "go".  Is it within normal range to have an "adverse" reaction the day after reintroduction? Here's what I ate yesterday:

M1: two eggs, cauliflower mash, and an apple with 2 tbsp peanut butter. 

M2:  brisket, roasted veggies and hummus with raw carrots. 

M3: chicken breast/thigh with curry, zoodles and peas. 

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It's certainly possible that this is a reaction to the legumes. Some reactions show up immediately, some show up later.

If you're not convinced it's the legumes, you could always go through the rest of your reintroductions, and then at the end do another legume day and see if you get the same reaction again.


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