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Hi, I started Nov. 1st


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My Name is Kellye and this is my first Whole 30. I am doing it with my sister who lives in Texas. My goal with whole 30 is mainly to have food freedom. Food really affects my mood and how I perceive everything around me. I have a mood and anxiety disorder so when I'm off balance, I'm relying on comfort foods to help get me through. I usually eat out then am too tired to do anything productive at home. I'm cranky and emotional at work with high stress. I am already on day 4 but am really hating it bc I want a jelly donut so bad (I dreamt about eating a box of them last night). I think that if I could just have a cup of coffee with a little sugar and cream that I will be happier. I don't want food to control me. I hope this finds others out there who struggle with the same. 

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