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So I'm on day 25 currently and am realizing that finishing the whole30 AND doing the reintro on the proper schedule will not work because my mom is coming to visit during the reintro schedule. We live a foreign country so her visit is a huge deal and finding whole30 options is not easy on island. And I refuse to spend the first 5 days of my moms visit (which is only 8 days long) worrying about having proper whole30 food, etc. with me while we explore the island together. 

That being said, I need a compromise somewhere and I know it's going to be some tough love here but I'm not going to compromise my moms first visit here for the whole30. I'm just not. 
So, do I cut the whole30 short a few days and start the reintro early OR do I shorten the days between during the reintro? Once my mom leaves again I am planning on doing a whole7 or whole14, and then after that work toward my FFF :)

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