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Day 1 is DONE!


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Hi Ariane -

kirkor is right. 

List a couple of goals you have for the next 30 days and your "why."  Be super honest with yourself and write them down.  Read them every day. 

Stay connected here on the forum.  Tell us your challenges and don't be shy about shouting your victories.

Prepare.  Make sure you have options, especially when you know your schedule's going to get crazy (which as a nurse it HAS to be). 

You rock and we're all looking forward to your success!


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@Jager07 Thanks for the advice.  I definitely think about my "why."  Just haven't been able to put it it writing, but I will by the end of this week.  Being on this forum, initially, seemed really corny and overkill, but now I'm finding that it makes the biggest difference because in a way it holds me accountable and is the perfect outlet for sharing my emotions.  I'm that type of person who thinks they can do everything alone and doesn't need help--I'm just gonna let go of that idea for another 25 days!  

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