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Hi! Coming back full circle after a long hiatus, starting tomorrow (11/6)


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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself, I will be restarting the whole thirty after about 2 years of trying (and not trying) all sorts of things. Paleo, ETP, RP diet, no diet at all, eat everything diet, alcohol only diet....you name it. The only thing that has ever truly changed the way I feel and perform is this, so its obvious this is what I should do.

I'm starting tomorrow if anyone feels like jumping aboard, or if anyone has started recently we can be friends  through the approaching fog.

Good luck to everybody!

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Hey Christine:

Just started today. Have done 2 prior 30's but never followed the reintroduction guidelines & eventually fell back to unhealthy eating. Have been the yo-yo king for the past 4 to 5 years swinging as much as 30 lbs. For the most part just gaining & losing the same 10- 15lbs.  Recently bought Food Freedom& decided to come back& do it right this time. Btw always tried on my own & never posted which I believe was a mistake. I'd be happy to team up & help if I can.




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