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Starting 11/26


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Hi everyone, I'm excited to start my first Whole30 on November 26, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I've been doing a lot of reading and mental preparation to get ready for this. 

I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house, so that's why I've opted for the date of 11/26. I didn't want to wait until December 1 - I'm ready to start!

I love to cook, and to eat, and I've always had a weakness for any kind of cookie, cake and bread. I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about 4 years ago, and I also have a hyperactive thyroid (Grave's disease). I usually do pretty well with managing my diabetes, but sugar and carb cravings occasionally get the best of me.

I'm starting Whole30 to get those cravings under control, with a primary goal of lowering my A1C. A secondary goal is definitely some weight loss, and I'm really looking forward to the increased energy that I've read about. I have a friend who has done Whole30 in the past, and is starting a new one on December 1; and another friend who is going gluten-free, so I will have some much-needed support at home.

My husband is supportive of me, but not ready to do Whole30 himself. I hope he will see how healthy it makes me, and how delicious the food can be (bacon!), and that he'll be convinced to try it himself after my 30 days.


Laura M, in Indiana

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I'm on day 29 of my 1st whole30. I have not followed the plan perfectly due to family emergency, unplanned travel and other circumstances. But I have still seen positive benefits and want to see how it feels to follow it 100%. So I plan to start another whole30 on December 1st! 

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