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Grain Sensitivity??


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How many people have found they have gluten free grain sensitivity after reintroduction? I just finished a successful Whole 30 last week, and have reintroduced legumes (resulting in a slightly bloated belly), and GF grains. And the result were not great. 

I have celiac disease, and have been 100% gluten free for almost 8 years. I've known for a long time that something else in my diet was also problematic, but had a hard time pinning it down. This week, after having sushi rice and corn tortillas (both labeled GF on the packages, so unlikely to be cross contamination), I'm a bit dismayed to find that even GF grains are a problem for me to eat. They make me immediately bloated and cause me to burp-- it's a VERY mild version of what happens if I accidentally have gluten. I'm almost in denial about this, because seriously? Life without grains? As if being a celiac isn't enough of a pain already. 

Does anyone else react badly to GF grains? 

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Yes, I did. I didn't have and problems before. During my recent reintroduction, corn cereal didn't make my stomach feel good. Corn tortillas gave me a headache. However, just plain corn seemed fine. I thought it was strange the reaction to gf grains. I'm thinking regular corn is okay because it hasn't been altered and processed. Maybe give that a try.

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