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Day 29: Too many variables, new histamine issues?


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I am almost finished with my first whole 30 and this has been sort of confusing for me. I'm super proud of making it through the entire month and though I haven't weighed myself, I know I'm slimmed down a lot, so that's good. But a lot has been going on in the last few weeks that has me unsure of how to proceed. 

Two things going on:

1. I went on whole30 in part because I suffer from depression and anxiety and wanted to start weaning off my meds in order to get pregnant. In the last month I went from taking Wellbutrin and Zoloft down to just Wellbutrin. I don't expect Whole30 to solve all my problems, and in the first few weeks as I stayed pretty even keeled, I considered that a win considering my meds were at lower doasges. These past 4-5 days, I've had zero patience with anything and feel an underlying unrest. Reading all the emotional benefits of whole30 in my reintroduction checklist, I couldn't really check off anything. 

2. I didn't suffer from any real 'carb flu' or sugar hangover but as of day 20(ish) I started having sensitivity to all types of things that I never did before, with itchy allergic reactions around the lips and even a vague itchy feeling all over my body. I've never had these reactions before, and while I know a few of the triggers (mango, pineapple, blasamic) it seems I continue to have symptoms for a variety of meals, i.e. salads wherein I'm not sure which ingredient is the culprit. I was thinking maybe it was a histamine thing, but I'm having no problems with eggs and also: WTH? I've never had this issue before! Why now?

I'm about to go away for a week where eating fully whole30 compliant (and additionally restricting myself by being low histamine) is unrealistic but I don't know if I should do the best I can and try to resume when I return. I'm sort of cranky about the idea that I mainly had a sugar problem pre-whole30, and now, eating better than I ever have ion my life, suddenly I'm having food allergy issues.

Any thoughts or reasons why this may be happening would be appreciated. 

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