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round 2 and looking for tough love

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hi folks!

i did my first ever whole30 during this august, and i really loved it. i followed it to the letter (i.e. - no snacking on nuts like crazy, no overboard fruit consumption, no sneaking in ingredients). anyway, it did wonders for me: i slept great, my stomach flattened out (i was SO bloated) and i didn't ever have an intense sugar craving. my only complaint: i got REALLY sick the 3rd week in....sicker than i ever remember being...a horrible head cold, double-eye conjunctivitis and 2 UTI's back to back, and i'd never had a UTI before (what's up with that?!).

anyway...since my 30 days i have derailed - badly. i was okay for the first week, but have steadily declined and am cravings gluten like crazy. i'm even obsessing over foods that totally gross me out, like cereal (eww) and oreos (sick!!). i've just committed to a whole14 to try and reign myself back in, and i may need to make it 30 if i can't get under control. but i find that i am HIGHLY emotional about cutting out foods again. i figured it would be hardest the 1st go around (it was a breeze), and now i am badly jammed up about restricting my foods. i feel like an 8 year old - grouchy and wanting to cry - and i haven't even started yet. is this normal?

also, how can i avoid going crazy at the end of my 14 (or possibly 30) days this time around? i'm nervous about rebounding over and over again.

thanks in advance for any insight.


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Jen -

A lot of folks find that their second go-round is harder than the first. The new has worn off, the results aren't that big a surprise (usually) and you already have some idea of how food affects you. That said, the easiest way to avoid going off the rails (IMO) is to follow the full 10 day re-intro protocol. That gives you a super clear picture of your (isolated) reactions to certain food groups and helps keep in perspective what is, and isn't, worth it.

For example, I had a handful of Skittles today and had the worst sugar bomb out I have EVER had. EVER. Today was day 32 for me,

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