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with starting when does the hunger go away

Christina Savage

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Ive heard a ton on podcast and on website I keep hearing about once your body gets used to paleo that you should not be grazing, that you should be very comfortable only eating 2-3 times a day just larger portions.

Im day 6 of whole30 - I still feel like I need something in between my meals. Im not there yet. My meals are about 500 calories a piece and have good fats. Am I not eating enough in each meal? Is it just not been long enough?

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Ok first of all I'd say ditch the calorie count, it tells you nothing. W30 is all about eating for health. Secondly you say you still feel you 'need something' between meals. The first thing to do is to work out is this just habit, or a craving, or actual hunger. I love Melissa's fish and broccoli test. If there was nothing but plain fish and broccoli available are you hungry enough to eat it.

If the answer's 'no fish and broccoli doesn't do it for you' then either it's force of habit or it's a craving for something. I find having a large glass of water or a cup of tea and distracting myself by doing something else usually works and cravings do get much easier as you go on.

If the answer's 'yes, you'd cheerfully eat that, then you are actually hungry and that would suggest you're not eating enough at mealtimes. W30 suggest 1 - 2 palm sizes of protein, plenty of good fat and plenty of veg. I'd try increasing them a bit and see how you feel. Good luck with it.

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As Kirsteen noted, the Whole30 guidelines are to eat at least 3 meals per day. Every meal should include protein, veggies, and fat. The protein portion should be as big as the palm of your hand and may be 2 servings as big as your palm. The fat should be as big as your thumb and you should fill the rest of the plate with veggies. This is all the counting allowed with a Whole30 - no calories and no scales. If you are hungry, you should add a mini-meal that includes protein, fat, and veggies. If you are having problems with hunger, you could eat 5 meals per day. You should not be hungry more than a short time just before a meal.

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In my first week, I felt like I was forcing myself to eat the appropriate portions as Tom outlined above at each meal. In some cases, I didn't finish what was on my plate, but still felt okay getting to the next meal, generally 5-6 hours away.

Now, I am hungry just when that meal time starts to approach, and am satisfied with the defined portions.

This is my way of asking, are you feeling full and satisfied with each meal or are you left wanting more? I see a couple of kids in your picture. As an active young mom, you may very well need a mini meal as Tom has outlined. Limiting yourself with a thought about how many calories you may or may not be eating may derail you. Eat when you are truly hungry. Make sure you are drinking your water too. It is accurate that dehydration may appear as hungry when your body is just thirsty.

Congrats on 6 days in!

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