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Reintroduction when you haven't felt the magic


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Well, I'm on day 30, and the magic just hasn't happened for me.  I have definitely seen improvements - clearer skin, rosacea in check, less itchy skin/scalp, more mental energy, reduced cravings, I don't find myself starving between meals, and my pants seem to fit a little better.  One of my biggest goals however was to try and resolve problems with bloating and constipation, as well as learn about my food sensitivities.  There has been some reduction in bloating, but it is still happening, especially after meals.  Constipation has not really improved.  My plan was to complete the program, including reintroduction, by Thanksgiving.  If it weren't looming, I might continue with the program for a little while longer, and see what happens.  However I know that I want to spend the day with my family, and enjoy our food traditions.  I will likely start reintroduction tomorrow (yay wine!), see what I can learn, and use that to inform my eating.  After the holidays I may try the program again.  I am thinking this is my route, but I am curious if others have any thoughts, or have had a similar experience.



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I'm sorry you're not seeing exactly the improvements you hoped for. I do hope you'll keep in mind the improvements you have seen. Don't discount them, just because you were hoping for more.

There are foods that are completely Whole30 compliant that do cause issues for some people -- you may be one of those people. If you wanted to list out a few typical days' worth of what you're eating, including portion sizes and the specific types of vegetables you're eating, someone may see something that has bothered them in the past that you could try removing or have other suggestions for you.

Generally, probably the most common things that cause bloating issues, based on what people have said here in the forum, are: eating too many nuts/nutbutters; eating mostly raw vegetables (cooked tend to be easier to digest); eating lots of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc. -- a double whammy if you're eating them raw); or not drinking enough water. Some people do have sensitivities to nightshade vegetables (this article explains what those are and talks about some symptoms people experience from them) or to FODMAPS (this article has more about those and what symptoms that might cause).  If either of those articles sound like they might be what's going on for you, you might consider doing a Whole30 that leaves out those problematic foods in the future. If you have questions about those, I'd recommend googling Whole30 forum plus whichever one you're wondering about, both have been discussed before, or posting here in the forum with specific questions you have about it.

The reality is, just doing a Whole30 can make a huge difference for people, but many people who have underlying health concerns do find it takes longer, or more rounds of Whole30, or more specialized Whole30s like the FODMAP or nightshade thing to address their concerns more completely.  30 days just isn't always long enough to figure everything out.

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I haven't really felt the magic either, today is Day 31 - I'm still following the Whole30 rules with the exception of reintroducing my daily fish collagen that contains soy as well.  I figure that I will be having this daily again so why not on Day 31 :)

Anyway - I was hoping that I would feel Tiger Blood but I did not, maybe for just one morning but that was it.  The rest of the time that I was doing Whole30, my energy level was just average.

However, there are several positive results from this;

1) My clothes are fitting better and I feel more confident about my body.  I fell off the wagon a year ago, this is the first time I feel in control for a long long long time! 

2) I realized that I don't really miss pasta AT ALL!  So strange!  I thought that was one of my favourite things in the world...but clearly not.  Chocolate as well - what...happened?!  Right?  hahahaha...

3) My cravings decreased dramatically and I realized that the reason I want sugar after dinner is because I'm tired/sleepy - if I go to bed, I don't need that sugary dessert or drink!

4) Also, the reason I snack at work is because I'm bored - now when I'm bored, I go on these forums and leave messages!  Slay that dragon :D

5) I never used to cook, everything I ate for the first couple weeks were steamed or boiled, unless my man cooked haha...but now!  I wake up, make my own breakfast, create my own lunch, and becoming so creative in the kitchen!

6) I'm a lot more aware of the food I eat, try and avoid all the products with chemicals, coloring, and other stabilizers etc...

7) I'm not as emotional and PMS is so much better - my man is totally supportive of Whole30 hahahaha

I'm pretty sure there are more NSV to come...but this is what I have so far!  :) I've decided to stick to the Whole30 diet as much as possible and reach for that Food Freedom! 

Overall, it's been a great journey and I'll definitely been on it again after Christmas!



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