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One Year Post Whole30, Finally Using my Findings

Cheshire Cheetah

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After my first Whole30, I reverted back to my previous way of eating shortly after. Finally, about a week ago, I decided I was done letting food control me. Since I am in highschool and live with my parents, I've been making dietary changes based on how my body reacted during the reintroduction phase to each food, rather than a full Whole30. I've dropped most dairy from my diet now, except Kefir which I drink in the morning (99% lactose free, and doesn't upset my stomach or worsen my acne like milk), and salad dressing (in such a small amount the dairy doesn't bother me). My breakfast and lunches are both salads with meat and creamy dressing. This keeps me full and able to focus during the day. My dinners are whatever my family is eating that night, which is usually non-compliant, with a large serving of veggies.

I don't find myself going towards added sugar, and yesterday decided to taste some Halloween candy. I hated it, except for Reeces peanut butter cups. Everything was way to sweet, but not like a strawberry; it was like someone poured sugar all over my tongue. I'm pretty glad I've developed this aversion to candy. Now I can enjoy things that are actually good, like strawberries, bananas, and other fruits.

So not really a "success story" I guess, but I am finally implementing what I learned from my Whole30 I did about a year ago.

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