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Mid-November Start (Nov14th)


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Hey All!

I've been reading up on Whole30 and I'm SO excited to be starting my very first one on Monday.  I'm doing all my prep work and am excited (slash nervous) to start my reset!  

A bit about me...I'm 35 and fairly active but also overweight.  I've been a long-distance cyclist for the past several years (read 100+mi rides) and do strength training a couple times a week.  My BIG problem is food (I heard somewhere that 'it starts with food'...).  I've been overweight most of my life but things really kicked up in college.  Since, I've lost the same 20-30lb multiple times (keep in mind thats only 20-30 of the 70lb I should ideally cut).  The past couple of years its been harder and harder to kick off that weight loss and my will power has completely erroded.  I can't tell you how many times I've had the same discussion with myself --'Sarah, how can you have the strength of will to ride your bike 100mi up a bunch of hills but you can't say no to ordering pizza (once again) for dinner?!'.  The will-power muscles just didn't transfer.  Since reading 'It Starts With Food' I'm understanding how physically & psycologically I've been locked into a repeating pattern that was dragging me down.  I CAN NOT WAIT to break that pattern, to reject that spiral, and start eating the right foods to make a healthier, hapier, better-performing me!  No more eating my feelings I'm going to eat to truly FEEL GOOD!

Please send any and all support & advice my way!  I love the sense of community that Whole30 seems to engender.  I'll definitely be reading the Whole30 for athletes section on this forum but I would LOVE any tips/suggestions from other cyclists or endurance athletes out there (still need to do some research for during-ride snacks to replace my GU &  Honey Stingers).

Thanks all!



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Hi Sarah,

I'm just getting started myself yesterday, What you said about breaking the pattern"  really resonates with me. I was a competive bodybuilder in my late teens and early 20s and really took my fitness for granted. I've had four children and I wonderful husband for 28 years. we lost him in 2011 after a long illness and caring for him and trying to rebuild my life were very stressful and I packed on the pounds like crazy.

 Even though I was struggling through a difficult time I chose to reinvent myself and become a nurse completing nursing school, then my Masters and I am now engaged in my PhD work. I finally realize that me caring for other people and leaving myself  behind is no longer the ethically correct path. Using Whole 30 as a true reset I am going to care for myself with the same compassion and love I try so hard to bring to my patients and nurses that I supervise. 

 I have been working like crazy the last two days to prepare many things from scratch, bison sausage, Whole 30 catchup and mayonnaise, bone broth and much prepping and chopping of various vegetables. i'm excited not to be letting myself off the hook in anyway trying to treat myself or just this once mentality got me to where I am. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

With Love,




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Welcome aboard, Sarah!

You've come to the right place and we are all cheering for you!  Being a distance cyclist, you already know how to push past challenges and how glorious success feels.  This is another arena where you'll get to prove to yourself how amazing your truly are.

Your honesty about your food challenges and willingness to change are going to be key to a healthier you. 

I can't wait to see your success!

hugs from Austin!


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