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Post Whole30 Log for bbuoy10


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I finished one full Whole30 in October, took a break, and completed an additional 12 days before deciding to move into lifestyle maintenance mode a few days ago. I found it very helpful to log my food, and I think it's going to be even more important now than it was during my W30. I was working from home due to a foot injury during my first round, so I was able to avoid some of the daily temptations. Now that I'm back in the office AND trying to establish new eating habits, I think I'm going to need the structure and accountability of the log to keep me on track. 


M1—Slice of breakfast casserole (eggs, ground beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, kale, red bell pepper, shredded carrots).

M2—Chicken thigh, roasted carrots, and green beans.

M3--Spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes from my co-worker's garden (yummm).


Each payday, my office celebrates by going out to "Payday Lunch." Today, we went to Tom+Chee, a restaurant that serves a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches (including their famous Grilled Cheese Donut) and tomato soups. My order is listed under M2. Lunch cost me almost $14, which is ridiculous. I am VERY proud of myself for saying no to even a taste of the grilled cheese donut (Why? I already knew I was going to like it.), the creamy tomato soup (this and the cheese would have been way too much dairy), and regular bread. My lunch was good, but nothing spectacular. However, not overdoing it on the dairy and gluten made a huge difference in how I felt after eating this meal versus similar ones I've had in the past. Normally, I would feel uncomfortably stuffed and suffer from gastro distress for the rest of the day. No issues at all today. It was awesome. I could have skipped the chips, but that's okay. 

M1—Slice of breakfast casserole and cherry tomatoes.

M2—Gluten-free bread, American and Swiss cheese, ham, and diced tomatoes sandwich, and a bowl of chunky tomato garlic and basil soup. Bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips.

M3--Chicken thigh with Sunshine Sauce, roasted carrots, and green beans.


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